Saturday, 12 May 2012

Round Three Starts

After another nail-biter tonight between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers, we finally have the Round Three teams set. It didn't come easy, but we have an all-Pacific Division Western Conference Final and we have an all-Atlantic Division Eastern Conference Final. The Phoenix Coyotes will host the Los Angeles Kings on Sunday while the New York Rangers will welcome the New Jersey Devils back to Madison Square Garden in a 1994 Eastern Conference Final rematch. Both series should be good, and I'm excited to see if we get a NY vs. LA match-up for the Stanley Cup.

That being said, you're probably aware that I was on the road all day. Because of this, I am allowing all HBIC Playoff Pool entrants a "freebie". I will allow you to send in entries for Round Three until Tuesday morning at 9am ET! If you submit an entry, I will also give each competitor that does a free pass on Game One for both series. That means that I'll give you one point regardless of who you picked, and another two points for the game-winning goal scorer!

In short, you'll get three points for the Game One in each series because of my scheduling for a total of six points for free! All you have to do is enter the pool for Round Three. For those of you who have already entered, your Game One picks in both series are now a guaranteed six-point games!

If you haven't entered yet, I've uploaded the spreadsheet for you to download. Get cracking on sending this in by Tuesday morning, kids! I know you're good for it. Send all entries to the designated email address in the same YOURNAME.xls FORMAT, and you've got a guaranteed six points this round without even furrowing your brow!

Day One of the roadtrip was spent entirely on the road, but it was a fun day nonetheless. Things are going well, and we should arrive in Milwaukee tomorrow if everything goes as swimmingly as it did today. Looking forward to being settled for a couple of days!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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