Monday, 14 May 2012

Round Two Success

I finally tabulated the results for the second round of the HBIC Playoff Pool, and I want to say something upfront: sorry for the tardiness on this. As you're probably aware, I'm roadtripping through the USofA right now, and that's causing me to be a little distracted. Honestly, the trip is going very well, and I'm excited o be checking out the sights and sounds of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I really like the city, and I spent time at the Milwaukee Country Zoo today in my travels. It's a fantastic place to spend a day or a few hours or however long you may have, and don't miss out on feeding the giraffes if you visit. It's pretty awesome! But we're not here to discuss Roadtrip Blog. Instead, we have the Round Two winners in the HBIC Playoff Pool, and there were some impressive totals posted by a number of competitors.

We'll start by looking at each series, and who performed well in each. There were no repeat names in here, but there are a few impressive scores. Here we go.

ST. LOUIS vs. LOS ANGELES: Not one person called a sweep in this series for either team, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have called it either. However, there were a few people who called a couple of games and a goal scorer correctly for a total of four points. The four people who posted four points in the Los Angeles sweep were Jared R., Jay F., Peter S., and Scott M. Well played, gentlemen, and good work in attaining four points in just four games played.

PHOENIX vs. NASHVILLE: There were a number of people who called the series in favor of the Predators, and I thought the same. However, one entrant did very well in posting eight points in this series. Justin S. correctly predicted the winning team in Games One, Three, Four, and Five. However, Justin also called Ray Whitney's game-winner in Game One and added Shane Doan's game-winning goal in Game Four for a total of eight points in this series! Well done, Justin, and keep up the great work!

NEW YORK vs. WASHINGTON: If there was one series that earned a lot of entrants points, it was this seven-gamer that went down to the wire. One entrant pulled off an impressive 14-point series! Kerry M. correctly called every single game in the series for an easy seven points. Add on the five points for correctly calling the Rangers to move on, and that's another five points. Toss in Alexander Ovechkin's game-winning goal for another two points, and that's a total of 14 points! Excellent work, Kerry, and good luck in Round Three!

PHILADELPHIA vs. NEW JERSEY: There were a lot of people who called New Jersey in this series, but no one had them in five games. One entrant, though, called a five-game series for Philly, and that was good for two points off the bat. Casey H. also called the winning team in Games One and Four for another two points. And because he called Daniel Briere's game-winner in Game One, he received another two points for a total of six points! Well done, Casey, and keep calling the solid predictions!

As seen above, there were some excellent predictions. However, we had some impressive totals for the round as well. Eight entrants scored 20 or more points, and that's an excellent total when only one series went longer than five games. James H. and Kerry M. turned in the best totals of the second round as they both posted a 25-point round! Ty F. also deserves a mention as he racked up 24 points in the round - another impressive total! Well done, gentlemen!

Round Three is already underway, and here's hoping that your Conference Final round goes extremely well! We're getting close to handing out prizes, so keep your chin up and make some solid predictions so that I can send you a prize!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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