Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pretty Sure That's Not Allowed

At one point in time, it appeared that Joakim Lindstrom was a blue-chip prospect. After stints with both Colorado and Columbus, Lindstrom went back to Sweden where he could play hockey and not worry about the pressures of the NHL. Usually European hockey is fairly tame when it comes to rough stuff, but it appears that Lindstrom might have learned a few moves from watching WWE Raw while on the road or possibly battling with Jon "Nasty" Mirasty in Columbus. What he did the other night in the Elitserien game between Lindstrom's Skellefteå AIK and Luleå HF was downright scary.

Luleå HF's Linus Klasen had the puck in the corner, and Joakim Lindstrom approaches from behind the net. What happens next is almost unfathomable.
I have never once seen a player grab an opponent by the head, and slam that opponent's head into the ice. Not in amateur hockey, and certainly not in professional hockey. What the heck was Lindstrom thinking?

Once he finally made his way to the bench, Klasen missed the rest of the game with an obvious concussion. Apparently it wasn't serious as he's expected back this weekend for Luleå HF, so he should consider himself lucky that this didn't turn out worse. Because it could have been much, much worse.

Reportedly, Lindstrom has been suspended two games for his pro wrestling move, but I honestly think he should get much more. Grabbing a player by he head and slamming him to the ground is premeditated. It has to be. It's not like it was an accidental slam-by-head-to-the-ground-while-going-for-puck move. Two games for that kind of stupidity is a slap on the wrist!

I'm glad that Linus Klasen is ok, but I have zero respect for Lindstrom due to his flagrant attempt to injure Klasen. Am I wrong in thinking two games is too little for this kind of move? What say you, readers?

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

Actually, most Swedish fans are happy that for once they didn't exaggerated suspensions. (There was another hit in this game, Anton Hedman->Pontus Petterstrom, that also caused a concussion but Hedman got 0 games.)

The offical statement (google translated):
"Disciplinary Committee has taken note of the notification made ​​retrospectively by Mikael Lundström and Peter Andersson at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, an opinion from Joakim Lindstrom and has reviewed footage from the event.

The notification states that Joakim Lindstrom is guilty of unnecessary rough play by "headlock" on an opponent and throw him into the ice head first. Opponent suffers a concussion.
Joakim Lindstrom argues that his intention was to win the duel, but that the opponent in the moment of the tackle puts (hits) his arm in his face. Lindstrom, trying in a battle situation to remove the arm wrestles the opponent down. The opponent falls easily and the intention was not to harm.
Of cutscenes seen as the Disciplinary Committee's assessment that Joakim Lindstrom, having distributed a tackle, wrestles down the opponent falling backwards and hit his head on the ice. Disciplinary Committee considers that it is a question of unnecessarily violent play which Joakim Lindstrom had been avoided and that the offense will lead to shorter suspension. The fact that Joakim Lindstrom was suspended after a hit to the head in January 2012 and that he was guilty of a recurrence affect the length of the suspension in the tightend."

TedNes said...

As I said on the Escobar homophobe slur/taunt debate, yes, the league should do something, but moreover, he employer (his team) should really do something, sit him down, and send a real message.