Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Hockey Show - Episode Eleven

The Hockey Show returned to our normal babbling ways on tonight's show on 101.5 UMFM, and I realized after finishing the show that I uttered an egregious error. I had written about Blake Geoffrion yesterday, and I completely blew it when I mentioned on the show today that he had been hit with a slapshot in the noggin. Epic Failure Award goes to me for saying it, and to Beans for not catching it!

However, we yapped about all sorts of stuff tonight. We updated listeners on how Steve Christie is doing in the SPHL. As you know, we're fans of Christie and, because of his affiliation with the team, the Pensacola Ice Flyers. It's nice to see Steve doing well.

We also spoke about the CBA. We tried to give away a Winnipeg Jets ballcap, but had no takers tonight. As an aside, is anyone out there listening? We just want to give away some free shwag! Call in, tweet in at @TeebzHBIC, or email us at!

We also talked about Jets coming back from playing in Europe, specifically Evander Kane and Ondrej Pavelec. We spoke about some of the good results being turned in over in Europe by NHLers. We updated everyone on the Bisons men's and women's hockey teams are doing. And we also took a peek at the St. John's IceCaps and what was happening out on the Rock.

It was a busy show, and the podcast is already up! Just as an aside, I will be creating a podcast page on this blog in order to make it easier to get to the podcasts. That way, you can download all or as many as you like if you want to listen to us in past episodes. I'll be working on that this weekend, so stay tuned for that!

MO' BRO: Mike Gartner, Wendel Clark, Dirk Graham, Grant Fuhr, Dennis Maruk, Larry Robinson, Mike Ramsey, Derek Sanderson, Lanny McDonald, Bryan Trottier, Dave Babych, Dave Schultz, Rod Langway, Jamie Macoun, Harold Snepsts, Dave Tippett, Michel Goulet, Paul MacLean, Mike McPhee, Mike Bullard, and Bob Murdoch make up the 13 forwards, seven defenceman, and one goalie thus far on the Mo' Bro All-Stars. We need a back-up goaltender, so who will be the chosen one?

I had a few options here, but the man who seemed to wear his 'stache the longest was Rejean Lemelin. Lemelin played with the Atlanta Flames, Calgary Flames, and Boston Bruins over 14 NHL seasons. Lemelin was selected to play in the 1989-90 All-Star Game and was shared the William M. Jennings Trophy with his tandem partner, Andy Moog. Throughout his career, Lemelin proudly wore the 'stache, never shaving it off to start a season or after a trade. Because of his accolades and 'stache longevity, Rejean Lemelin was a lock for the Mo' Bro All-Stars!

Now you might be thinking that there are a few days left in November, so how can the All-Star 'Stache Squad be done? Well, we'll have a few more introductions coming up as the coaches, referee, and media will be announced! Stay tuned for that! If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Movember page and get registered so your 'stache can stand amongst these great 'staches!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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