Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Three Flames Fans On The Lockout

You may recognize the man to the left if you're a CBC fan and a Canadian. That's Jared Keeso, the man who played Don Cherry in the CBC-produced Don Cherry biographies. Keeso, as you may know, was born in Listowel, Ontario so it shouldn't be any surprise that he, like another other red-blooded Canadian male, is a hockey fan. He showed off great skating and hockey skills while filming the Don Cherry story in Selkirk, Manitoba where I got to witness first-hand how skilled he is in front of the camera as well.

Today's entry from Mr. Keeso, though, is all about how well he and his Flames fan friend are managing through the NHL lockout. Let's just say that from their vernacular, they seem to be missing hockey quite a bit. Check it out below.
Pretty good conversation, right? "Adam Walking Deadmarsh" was pretty good. "Freddy Iss-Sjostroms"? Pretty darn good. "Presidential De-Bates Battaglia"? Downright classic. Keeso and Nathan Dales pulled off that back-and-forth pretty well, and it would be just as funny to see the outtakes as much as it was hearing them blending names into everyday conversation. While I'm not sure the "hot chicks with accents" explaining the lockout was necessary for me as a die-hard hockey fan, it would seemingly be helpful to those not entirely in the loop.

Gotta say that Mr. Keeso is certainly keeping his hockey acumen up, and he's quickly becoming a favorite hockey-related actor for me. I'm not here to typecast him, but he's certainly been doing some excellent work in the hockey realm.

MO' BRO: Mike Gartner, Wendel Clark, Dirk Graham, Grant Fuhr, Dennis Maruk, Larry Robinson, Mike Ramsey, Derek Sanderson, Lanny McDonald, Bryan Trottier, Dave Babych, Dave Schultz, and Rod Langway make up my current Mo' Bro All-Stars squad, and I'm going to add another rearguard today. Since we're talking about Flames fan, it seems only right to add a former Flames defenceman in Jamie Macoun.

Jamie Macoun spent 17 season patrolling NHL bluelines as a member of the Flames, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Detroit Red Wings. Macoun actually was an undrafted free agent signed by the Flames after three seasons at Ohio State. He played well enough to be named to the 1984 All-Rookie Team while establishing himself as a solid defensive defenceman for the Flames. He was on two Stanley Cup-winning teams as he hoisted the Stanley Cup in 1989 with the Flames and in 1998 with the Red Wings. He only scored 358 points in 1128 NHL games, but Jamie Macoun was one of the most reliable defencemen of his time. And he did it all while wearing a stylish moustache!

Two Stanley Cups are pretty solid accolades for the moustachioed Jamie Macoun. He was a solid contributor for each of the teams he played for while sporting the lip fuzz, and he'd be a solid addition to the Mo' Bro All-Stars! If you want to get in on the action, head over to the Movember page and get registered so your 'stache can stand amongst these great 'staches!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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