Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Pool Updates

While there certainly aren't as many people in the Survivor: NHL Playoffs pool and the HBIC Playoff Pool as there are above in that pool, the pool standings have been updated and we'll have updates on The Hockey Show tomorrow for the Survivor pool. There have been a few people who got off to good starts in the HBIC Playoff Pool, and we had our first person sent home - voted out of the tribe - in rather stunning fashion as the Vancouver Canucks made an early exit at the hands of the San Jose Sharks. Here are the few updates for the pools that are currently running.

HBIC Playoff Pool

I know a pile of you hit the standings page to check where you're sitting after one week of the NHL Playoffs. I apologize that I didn't have the point totals up-to-date yesterday as I said I would, but I actually have a good reason. By waiting until tonight, all teams had played four games. I didn't add the fifth game of the St. Louis-Los Angeles series in, so that will be added next time.

I want to congratulate Ethan C. on his 32-point effort in the first week of the pool! He's the leader as it stands right now, although that could change dramatically over the next few days as more games are played.

For those of you with less than 20 points, don't give up hope! I have seen many people drop out after being near the bottom of the pile after the first round, and suddenly those who were nowhere close to a prize are climbing back into the race because the people ahead of them either quit playing or forgot to enter the next round. Keep your wits about you, and you could make a nice run to a prize!

For all of the standings, please click here.

Survivor: NHL Playoffs

I was looking through the prizes, and I realized that we may not make it to the second round of the playoffs with many challenges remaining if teams continue to perform as they are. We have three more prizes going out tomorrow!

We'll award Josh an NHL ballcap as JG Pageau recorded the first hat trick of the playoffs in the Senators' 6-1 win over Montreal a few nights ago. Josh, I'll be emailing you tomorrow! Congratulations!

We'll also award Laura a DVD copy of Miracle starring Kurt Russell as the legendary Herb Brooks. Thanks to San Jose's destruction of the Vancouver Canucks in four straight games, Laura's Sharks recorded the first upset of the playoffs in rather dramatic fashion. Congratulations, and I'll be emailing you tomorrow as well, Laura!

We flip the coin from above result as the Vancouver Canucks are the first team to be sent home from Survivor: NHL Playoffs. As a result, Linda earns an NHL t-shirt, although I'm quite certain this isn't how she would have liked to have earned it. We'll have Linda's Survivor-style exit interview tomorrow, and we'll be in contact in order to get you your t-shirt!

And last, but certainly not least, we saw our first player hit five goals tonight as Boston's David Krejci hit the five-goal plateau with his overtime winner against Toronto. That fifth goal of the playoffs earned Chantelle a t-shirt as well! Congratulations, Chantelle, and watch your email on Thursday so we can get your t-shirt to you!

There are the updates to the pools running on The Hockey Show and here on HBIC. The playoffs have been spectacular thus far, and I'm looking forward to more great action in the coming weeks!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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