Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Round One Updates

The HBIC Playoff Pool is updated through the end of Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and there were some significant shifts in point totals for a number of people. There's a new leader after week two of action, and we'll highlight the best of each series as we look at who did what. Round Two's spreadsheet is posted, so get your next entries in before tomorrow night's games!

Chicago vs. Minnesota

One person showed up with a twelve-point effort in this series as Michael J. put together all five wins, a game-winner in Game Two, and called the Blackhawks to win in five games. Well done, Michael, in calling this series correctly!

Anaheim vs. Detroit

Three people put up eight-point efforts in this series: Brandee T., David F., and Rick K. I won't run through the series, but it seemed as though Anaheim was the favorite amongst most poolies due to the fact that a lot of people called Anaheim in seven. In any case, kudos to the three above who picked up eight points in this series.

Vancouver vs. San Jose

I realize that no one called San Jose in a sweep, so it was surprising to see only one person grab five points in this series. Ethan Calof called three San Jose wins in the four games played, and tacked on the Logan Couture game-winning goal in Game Three. Well done, Ethan, on grabbing five points in this series!

St. Louis vs. Los Angeles

Two men who share a name, or at least a portion of it, took the crown in this round. Frank M. and Franklin W. both picked up a solid eleven points in this series. Frank M. called every single game right, picking up the extra five points for calling Los Angeles in six games. Franklin W. called Games Two, Three, Four, and Six correctly, tacked on Dustin Penner's game-winning goal in Game Six, and called the Kings in six games. Well done, gentlemen, in picking up a solid eleven points!

Pittsburgh vs. NY Islanders

Only one poolie picked up eleven points in this series, and that was Ty F. Ty called Games One, Four, Five, and Six correctly, added the John Tavares game-winner in Game Four, and called Pittsburgh to win in six games. Total that up, and you get eleven more points added to Ty's total. Well done, Ty, on your predictions in this series!

Montreal vs. Ottawa

This may have been the one series that messed everyone up simply due to how efficiently Ottawa dispatched the Canadiens. Tony H. and Ryan H., however, were able to pick up six points each in this series! Tony H. correctly called the winner in Games Two and Four, added Kyle Turris' game-winner in Game Four, but incorrectly picked Montreal in five games to only award him an additional two points. Ryan H. called the winner in Games Two and Three, called Brendan Gallagher's game-winner in Game Two, but also called Montreal in five games for only two points instead of five points. Even in calling the wrong team to win, both Tony and Ryan come away with six more points. Well done, gents!

Washington vs. NY Rangers

There were four people who picked up an impressive twelve points off this series: Andy S., Brandee T., Corey D., and Terry C. There were a lot of people who called this series as a seven-game series, but a lot of people went with Washington over the Rangers. Not the four people above, though. Those four individuals picked up twelve points to add to their totals! Well done all!

Boston vs. Toronto

Andy S. was the winner of this series as he put up an incredible fourteen points as the highest point-earner of any series with his predictions here. Andy correctly called Games One, Two, Four, Six, and Seven, called the Nathan Horton game-winner in Game One and the Phil Kessel game-winner in Game Six, and correctly called Boston to win the series. All totaled, Andy adds an impressive fourteen points to his total from this series! Great job, Andy!

Round One Leader

Andy S. used his two Eastern Conference series to put up half of his points in the opening round of the NHL Playoffs. His twelve points in the Washington-NY Rangers series and his fourteen points in the Boston-Toronto series gave him 26 of his 56 points, and he currently has a four-point lead over second-place Thomas O. as we move into the next round. Congratulations on leading the pool thus far, Andy, and here's hoping you can continue to predict accurately!

Get your entries in by puck drop tonight, kids. If you think you're out, you're not. I saw a number of people make jumps in this opening round and in past pool by simply focusing on correctly predicting the series instead of worrying about getting every game right. Earn the big points first, and then tack on the extra points through game-winning goal scorers and winning teams. You're not out, though, until the Stanley Cup is awarded!

I should have a prize list before the end of the second round of the NHL Playoffs. I'm just waiting on a few vendors to see what can be supplied, and we'll go from there. Thanks to everyone who is playing, and good luck in the next round!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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