Sunday, 16 June 2013

TBC: Murder At Hockey Camp

I honestly enjoy a good book series when the stories have me captivated. While the Screech Owls series is meant for readers of a younger age, I have to admit that I have enjoyed the three previous stories that started the series. These books are highly recommended for children aged nine to twelve due to their easy-to-read stories and excellent themes. Today, Teebz's Book Club is excited to review the fourth book in the Screech Owls series in Murder at Hockey Camp, written by Roy McGregor and published by McClelland & Stewart. Travis and his friends are all back together for summer hockey camp, and Sarah Cuthbertson has joined the crew at the camp! With the team back together, the boys and girls are separated into their own camps for sleeping, but they all hit the ice together in this fourth installment of the Screech Owls series!

While it appears that this might be the best summer ever, one man is apparently intent on making the Screech Owls and Sarah work harder than ever. Buddy O'Reilly, the instructor, can only be described as a tyrant in his teachings, and head coach Muck Munro doesn't like his tactics. Buddy even takes a shine to Wayne "Nish" Nishikawa in the wrong way, humiliating him by making fun of his size. Muck confronts Buddy about his lessons, and the two men come to blows over an argument. Travis has never seen Muck so angry!

The kids have a blast learning how to wakeboard and water ski, but Nish has revenge on his mind. After decking Sarah hard in the corner with a hit from behind in following Buddy's teachings, Nish wants to right the wrong he did by taking revenge on Buddy. Travis knows that Nish thrives in this kind of situation, and, before long, Nish his plan. He recruits his cabin mates to help him set Buddy up, but the boys nearly get caught when Buddy's cell phone - which never seems to stop ringing - wakes Buddy up mid-revenge plan!

The boys make it back to their cabin without being discovered, and things go quite well the next day with Buddy nowhere to be found. It seems like camp might turn out alright, and things get even better when Sarah invites Travis and Nish to go out for a canoe ride in the evening. However, as Travis is searching for oars in the boathouse, he makes a grisly discovery: Buddy O'Reilly's body! Who could have done this? Was Muck to blame? Was there someone else who could have killed Buddy? Who amongst the campers and staff could have committed murder?

Murder at Hockey Camp takes readers on an adventure as the boys become detectives in trying to solve these questions. There is significant evidence that points to Muck, but the boys don't believe he did it despite the police handcuffing Muck and taking him away. Travis and his friends set out to unravel the mystery of the Murder at Hockey Camp!

Like the previous books in the series, Murder at Hockey Camp will keep you flipping pages as you power through the story. Mr. McGregor does an excellent job at holding a reader's attention with his writing, and his murder mystery in Murder at Hockey Camp is fantastic! Because of these factors, Murder at Hockey Camp receives the Teebz's Book Club Seal of Approval to make it four in a row!

Look for the Screech Owls series at your local bookstore or library, starting with Mystery at Lake Placid, The Night They Stole the Stanley Cup, The Screech Owls' Northern Adventure, and finally Murder at Hockey Camp!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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