Sunday, 25 August 2013

Interesting List

I happened to be watching an interesting TV program tonight as MacLean's magazine presented a pile of lists based on their research for their annual publication of lists. The program hit on all major topics - crime, politics, sports, annual wages, etc. - but there was one list in particular that made me wonder about how the list's results were compiled. Rarely does one see a hockey player cry, especially when on the ice, but the waterworks seem to flow freely for some players off the ice. The list presented by MacLean's about Canada's crying hockey players is fairly accurate in its selections, but the order should be changed if I were asked.

5. Ray Bourque

I'm pretty sure that if you win the Stanley Cup after playing for nearly a quarter of a decade and missing out, you're allowed to show a little emotion. Does this count? According to MacLean's magazine, it does.

4. Mark Messier

Mark Messier at #4? He cried almost every time a microphone was in front of him. There's no doubt that Messier should be on this list, but the guy could have bottled the tears he wept and sold them as holy water. Skip ahead to 15:40 for some real Messier tears when talks about his parents being an inspiration. Again, I believe that there's some freedom when it comes to retiring from the game you love, but Messier cried. A lot.

3. Todd Bertuzzi

I'm going to give Todd Bertuzzi the benefit of the doubt and say that those tears he shed were real while apologizing to Steve Moore after potentially ending his career. The remorse in light of the incident is something that should be very real, so I'm not so sure that this apology should be on the list. That just seems heartless and cruel.

2. Eric Lindros

Before we get to Lindros, did you see the hair on Ron MacLean? That was 18 years ago! Ok, as for Lindros, I'm pretty sure he was overwhelmed in winning the Hart Trophy, but you would think that he would have been a little more celebratory after showing the world that he could be the best player on the planet. Eric Lindros, though, breaks down on stage as he's giving his speech.

1. Wayne Gretzky

Does this one even need an introduction? The day of the most famous trade in sports broke Gretzky down to tears, and helped spawn several books about that day that call into question whether those tears were real. "I promised Mess I wouldn't do this" is engrained in Canadian history. With it being the 25th anniversary of the trade this year, it only seems appropriate that Wayne Gretzky is at the top of the list.

Are there others? Should someone be swapped out - Bourque or Bertuzzi? Should Messier be higher? Sound off in the comments, folks. I'm sure there are other Canadian players out there who have been reduced to tears at some point, and perhaps they should be added to the list!

Just as an aside, another interesting comment came out of the program. Everyone knows that Darryl Sittler scored ten points against the Boston bruisn to set an NHL record which, in my view, will never be broken. So it was asked of Darryl Sittler what his pregame meal was that night. His answer? Swiss Chalet chicken and french fries.

I get that Swiss Chalet is big in Ontario, and I know a ton of people from Ontario who swear by Swiss Chalet. But as a pregame meal before a hockey game? How times have changed when it comes to diet!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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