Friday, 30 August 2013

One More Season

It may have taken all summer and there was no LeBron James-esque half-hour TV show to announce it, but Teemu Selanne has confirmed he will play one more season in the NHL as he returns to the Anaheim Ducks for the 2013-14 season. If this doesn't make you happy, I'll understand that you're probably a fan of a team that Selanne victimized over the years with some regularity. But for one of the classiest guys in the NHL, this is an excellent announcement as we'll most likely see him hit a few milestones that will cement his place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Selanne's deal is quite modest - one year for $2 million - so the Ducks won't be handcuffed in trying to acquire talent if they hope to make a deep playoff run. But the more important part of the announcement today was that Selanne has said that this season will be his last in the NHL, and that will mark the end of an era filled with fantastic highlights, outstanding contributions to the game, and one Stanley Cup parade.

Speaking of highlights, here's the video confirming that Selanne is returning. Like most of the stuff Selanne is involved in, it's pretty funny as he shows that he's not one of these athletes who takes himself way too seriously.
That's a pretty awesome video. Kudos to the Ducks and to Teemu Selanne for having a great sense of humor. That's why he'll be missed when he's gone - he's a fantastic human being who never loses sight of what is important in the big picture.

Teemu is back. Are you excited? I am!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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