Friday, 23 May 2014

Ban, Er, Dan Carcillo

I don't want to make comparisons between players because that's unfair to both, but it seems that Glen Sather likes to reclaim players who others consider to be problems. Sean Avery, for example, was a reclamation project that didn't quite work out for the Rangers as he routinely put himself in bad situations. The same goes for Dan Carcillo now that we're established he doesn't use his head either. What he did tonight in the game between the Rangers and Canadiens is beyond stupid.

If you missed the game, here's the replay. You'll need to keep an eye on Carcillo's right arm and Driscoll's face.
Carcillo apparently struck linesman Scott Driscoll with his stick, as the CBC crew alluded to, and then decided to try to stop Driscoll from putting him in the penalty box. Needless to say, the NHL will rule fast and most likely hard over this infraction against the stripes.

The NHL, according to the NHL Rulebook, can hand out a three-, ten-, or twenty-game suspension depending on the severity of the contact made. They will hear the officials' point of view on this as well, but I can't honestly say there was an intent to injure Scott Driscoll. The twenty-game suspension might be a little much, but Carcillo shows up regularly on the supplemental discipline report.

What I do know is that making contact with an official is entirely wrong, even if by accident. The officials are there to maintain order in the game, and Carcillo's reputation had Driscoll isolate him after the questionable Brandon Prust hit on Derek Stepan. Incidentally, I think Prust should also be suspended for his hit, but that's another article altogether.

All said, Carcillo will have an extended break from these playoffs after pulling an idiotic move tonight. While the Rangers may cry foul over Driscoll isolating Carcillo from the fight after the Prust hit, his reputation precedes him in this situation. Driscoll did the right thing by removing the powder keg from the fire.

Carcillo's reaction, though, was hardly the right thing to do.

UPDATE: Carcillo has been suspended for ten games for his actions.
UPDATE #2: Brandon Prust has been suspended for two games for his hit on Stepan.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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