Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday's Work

Occasionally, on a lazy Sunday in the summer, I am called upon to assist those in need. Today, I was tasked with the leveling of sidewalk blocks similar to those in the image to the left with my better half. We tried knocking off a number of blocks yesterday in the sweltering heat and humidity only to find ourselves nearly drained of any energy we had stored. Couple that with the clouds of pterodactyl-sized mosquitoes we fought all day, and our patience was nearly worn thin with this sidewalk leveling. Today, with a nice breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay and far less heat and humidity, we made a serious dent in the work!

In saying this, you've probably noticed me off the grid on the weekend thus far. I'll be fully honest in telling you that the work my better half asks of me comes first because she's pretty darn awesome. She makes me smile, she tolerates my lame jokes, and she accepts that I love hockey as much as I do. So when she asks for help, I'm there regardless of what hockey craziness is happening. Yes, you read that correctly when I said she takes precedence over hockey.

However, I still want to help you, the readers, out as well. If you have a new Dallas Stars uniform and you're excited about the Jason Spezza trade, here's what number the newest Star will be wearing!
Get your jersey customized before anyone else does!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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