Saturday, 20 June 2015

Awaiting Scores

Sorry, Daley and Waterfield. You guys don't have enough points to win a prize in the HBIC Playoff Pool. There are several who do, though, and I am having someone check over the scoring as a second set of eyes this weekend to ensure that the right people will receive prizes. If you had read the last updates, you know that one person's total should have changed. I will report that the changes made due to that entry will affect the final outcome. Yes, the scoring is that tight.

On Monday, I will post the final tally from the 2015 HBIC Playoff Pool. The top-five entrants will be eligible for a prize, and I will post the prizes that day as well. There are some decent prizes, and all are worth more than $25 so you're getting a decent prize for your entry fee. Something for nothing does exist in this world unless you count the work sending in your entries as work. In that case, something for nothing still doesn't exist. But it was still free to enter.

Let me just say thank you up-front to everyone who entered. I love running this pool and, despite some who drop out, you guys make it fun. Some of the wackiest entries turn out to be the highest-scoring entries, and that's what makes this pool so much fun - the randomness of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs means no one really can be better than anyone else unless you have that proverbial crystal ball. Sometimes, those crystal balls are a little cloudy for some, but those who have played annually seem to be finding the trends and figuring out how this pool works in terms of collecting a decent point total in each round.

As for the prizes, I will say that there is some Winnipeg Jets stuff (naturally), a Washington Capitals item, some DVDs, a book, and some other items that will round out the prizing and make the five prizes for the top-five pretty decent, I think. I may still add some stuff from the shwag bag, but we'll see how things go before Monday. In any case, the prizes are solid and I'd be happy with any of them.

Until Monday, poolies, when the totals are posted, sleep soundly knowing you turned in a solid playoff pool this year. Thank you for entering, and be ready for the results come Monday when all shall be revealed!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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