Friday, 13 November 2015

Lundqvist Stops Pie

There's no doubt that Jimmy Fallon is a hockey fan. Jimmy has done a number of skits on his show that either feature NHL stars or he's had NHL players on his show. It seems he's fairly knowledgeable about the game as well, so Jimmy should be celebrated as a fan because he's not just showing up to support the team during the good times. That's the sign of a true fan, so we'll assume that when the Rangers don't have Henrik Lundvist any longer that he'll still be a fan.

I say this because Jimmy had Lundvist on his show on Wednesday night. I'll let Jimmy set this skit up because it actually looks pretty fun.
Ok, the clip is a little longer than just Lundqvist stopping mini pumpkin pies, but it's clear Jimmy is a fan of the Rangers as he's been spotted at multiple games and seems to be legitimate friends with the Rangers' netminder.

He's also done a number of NHL Yearbook entries on players, and the entries are rather hilarious.

Of course, Jimmy doesn't just assign yearbook comments to the players. He assigns them to fans as well!

It's always nice to see someone in the media who is a true fan of the game as opposed to someone who just picks up laundry when it's cool to be seen at a game. Jimmy Fallon is a great hockey fan, and it's always nice to see the NHL get a little love on the late-night circuit.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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