Saturday, 21 November 2015

Retro Gaming Night

You may not be aware of this, but I consider myself something of a retro gamer. I still have several old gaming consoles hooked up in my basement including an old Nintendo Entertainment System that features cartridges of Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man among the few I have. I love the old 8-bit systems because they're still challenging today, some 30 years after they were originally released. I have an old Sega Genesis that gets played often thanks to NHL '94, but there's something about the old 8-bit system that just keeps me coming back for more.

Tonight, the ECHL's Toledo Walleye will celebrate 8-bit night as they host the Fort Wayne Komets, and they will outfit both teams in what I believe might be the greatest jerseys to honour the 8-bit video game era that I've ever seen.
Having the Walleye dress as Mario and the Komets dress as Bowser is one of the greatest designs conceived and produced on a hockey jersey ever. The fact that it's "blocky" to look more 8-bit is even better. There is nothing about these jerseys I hate. Being that they are a minor-league promotional jersey, they are some of the best ever seen. That's not just an opinion from this writer. I happen to believe that it's a fact.

Now you might be saying, "Teebz, these are just images. The real thing could look like garbage". Yes, that's a possibility, so it's part of the reason why I've posted this picture from the Walleye's Twitter account.
They still look pretty darn good. I used to believe that the Bakersfield Condors ruled the roost when it came to producing incredible minor-league promotional jerseys, but the Walleye have really stepped up their game over the last few seasons. These 8-bit jerseys are just the latest in a long line of incredible Walleye jerseys you can see on their Instagram feed.

The 8-bit jerseys will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a few different places: the Adopt America Network, the Alzheimer's Association NW Ohio Chapter, and the Walleye Wishing Well. The Walleye Wishing Well is the charitable fund of the Toledo Walleye, providing financial support to local organizations with an emphasis on youth recreation and wellness. Those are some pretty worthy causes, so good on the Walleye for helping these three great organizations.

There's also a pile of 8-bit fun surrounding the game! "Suit Up (T-Town Hockey)", the theme of the Toledo Walleye, is normally performed by In Theory, but Tim Martuch, an Academy of Art grad student in film composition, decided to apply a little 8-bit magic to the song. You can hear that new remix here! For those who can't be at the live auction - me, for example - the Walleye have created some 8-bit t-shirts! Personally, I like the 8-bit jersey tee or the 8-bit skater tee, but you can see all of them over on their online store!

And because the Walleye are going to wearing the overalls of Mario on this night, they are also celebrating Movember night tonight! If you're one of the first 2000 people through the doors tonight, you'll be given a mustache! Those with self-grown mustaches can have them trimmed and groomed by Great Clips representatives who will be offering their services to take care of your hirsute upper lip as well!

The Toledo Walleye jump back to 1985 in their Super Mario Bros. jerseys tonight, and they look spectacular in doing so!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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