Sunday, 3 July 2016

More Red Green

Alright, I figured since I spoke so much about Red Green the hockey player, I figured I should give Red Green, the character of comedian Steve Smith, a little time on HBIC as well. Being that he's Canadian and touches on a ton of Canadian pop culture moments, hockey comes up quite a bit on the old CBC program and in his comedy routine. Like an good Canadian who gets a TV show on the CBC, hockey has to be the main theme in at least one episode, and Red Green didn't disappoint. In fact, Smith dedicated an entire episode to the boys from Possum Lodge battling a group of curlers in a game of hockey for rights to use the ice out on the lake!

Be prepared for a few vignettes and goofy moments on the Red Green sketch show. It's pure Canadian comedy where a number of Canadian comedians get to show off their work as various members of Possum Lodge. Here is Episode 158 of The Red Green Show filmed in 1997. Enjoy!
Yes, it's corny, but Red Green had a major following through the 1990s in Canada. Steve Smith knows all about Canada, though. He was born in Toronto on December 24, 1945 where he grew up. He jumped to the University of Waterloo where he studied engineering before deciding that he had a knack for comedy. In 1979, he and his wife, Morag, produced, wrote, and starred in Smith & Smith, a sketch comedy series. It was here that the character of Red Green came to life.

In 1991, the show was produced on CBC and ran for 300 episodes. Smith was credited as Red Green in "Pavement" on Space Ghost Coast to Coast found on Adult Swim, and he had a full-length movie produced that was entitled Duct Tape Forever in 2002. He has written newspaper columns as the character and has produced commercials as the handyman.

Smith, for all his work in Canadian comedy, was made a Member of the Order of Canada on February 17, 2006. He has brought countless laughs to millions of people through his Red Green persona, and his line of "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" still rings true.

For a weekend of Canadian red-and-white, HBIC enjoyed this look at the two Red Greens that called our great nation home.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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