Wednesday, 26 July 2017

An Interesting Thought

I'll happily credit ESPN's graphic designers for the above image, but there was an interesting discussion that took place tonight between games that I was umpiring and it really had me thinking. Baseball is the only team sport that allows its players to have their own entrance theme. While one may be able to get away with that in boxing where it's very much an individual sport, football, soccer, basketball, and hockey don't allow for this due to the nature of their games. The discussion tonight was about walk-up music and the idea turned to hockey as one person suggested that he thinks it would be cool if hockey players had their own chosen songs for when they score goals.

Granted, nine walk-up songs is probably easier to manage than 20 goal-scorers' songs, but perhaps there would be a designated song per line of players since hockey is much more of a team-oriented game than baseball. The player that scores, if it's mid-change or on special teams, would have the song played in accordance to the line he is on that night just to keep things organized without having the music guy try to figure out who scored when he's sitting a mile away from the action in some cases. There was some debate on what happens if there's a missed deflection or a goalmouth scramble where there may be some question as to who scored, but generally you're just keeping four songs handy all night for goal-scoring celebrations.

Logistically, there would be a number of things to work out before this idea even got off the ground for teams, but let's push all that aside. Forget the line combos and the mixing and matching that teams do on the fly. Forget the fact that Ovechkin played on Washington's third line for a moment. It's time to have a little fun with this idea.

On the web form below, I want you to select three players from one team and form a "super line". From that super-line's three members, select a song for that line. For example, if I were to select the Arizona Coyotes and chose Domi, Duclair, and Strome, I'd need to come up with a song for them. I'd probably immediately assign The Black Keys' Howlin' For You to them since it fits the scenario. Maybe I select the Pittsburgh Penguins with Kessel, Crosby, and Malkin as my line. I could assign them The Heavy's How You Like Me Now? as their scoring tune. This will literally have infinite combinations and infinite possibilities, so I want to see what you have in mind.

I'll tally the results and post them at a later date, but I want you to have some fun with this post. Fill that form out and submit the song you wanna rock out to when your favorite player scores!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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