Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Hockey Show - Episode 250

The Hockey Show hits the airwaves tonight in its quarter-millennium show! How the heck did we survive 250 shows without being tossed off the air, sued for all we're worth (not that much), having multiple complaints registered with the CRTC, or all of the above? Well, it starts with you, listeners, and we can't thank you enough for tolerating our comedy, our banter, and our arguments over hockey. Tonight, as a bit of a "thank you" for sticking with us, we're hoping to have a pair of special guests on! Who are they, you ask? Let's get to the guessing game!

Our first guest is a hockey player who has seen some time in the NHL. He has ties to Manitoba in his career, having been traded for current Winnipeg Jet Tyler Myers and Winkler, Manitoba native Dustin Penner! He has a pair of medals from the World Junior Championships - one gold and one silver - while serving as an alternate captain for the silver medal-winning team. The 27 year-old has spent the last three seasons playing in Germany where he'll return this fall to play again. He's currently skating on the left coast in preparation for next season, so we'll see if we can track him down once his on-ice session finishes for the start of tonight's show!

Our second special "250th show" guest is a two-time Olympic medalist who has won a bronze medal and a gold medal at the Games. At age 14 in 2000, he became the youngest member of the Canadian National Team. The 15-year veteran of the Hockey Canada program is a four-time World Championship gold medalist, and a two-time World Championship bronze medalist. The Summerside, PEI native is also an accomplished basketball player, playing twice at the World Junior Basketball Championships. He's a top-200 tennis player in the world as per the current rankings. Oh, and I did mention this athlete is in a wheelchair? We'll try and track down this multi-sport star tonight as well!

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Tonight, Teebz and Beans chat to two special guests if we can track them down about their careers, their futures, their accomplishments, and what goals they have set for the future only on The Hockey Show found on 101.5 UMFM and on the UMFM app!

PODCAST: July 6, 2017: Episode 250

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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