Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Break Out The Pocketbook

They're coming, folks! This isn't some horror movie premise, though. Instead, the Canadian and American Olympic women's hockey teams will play in Winnipeg on December 5 prior to them heading to South Korea in February 2018 for the Olympics! While details are still being worked out regarding what exactly will take place, we know that these two teams will play on BellMTS Centre ice on December 5 as part of their exhibition tour across North America!

Along with Quebec City on October 22, Winnipeg is the second Canadian city to be included in the tour, and I have a feeling that the great crowds and outstanding support the women have received in Winnipeg in the past went a long way in helping the city get this game. There will be a third city announced shortly in terms of the three Canadian cities on the tour - I'm hearing Edmonton as that location - but we now have two Canadian dates nailed down for the always-epic battle between Canada and the US.

This game comes two days after the battle that these two teams will wage in Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 3 - the second date of the US-based games on the tour. The women will also play on October 25 in Boston, Massachusetts and on and December 15 in San Jose, California as the two teams showcase their talents in an effort to be ready for Pyeongchang. Expect tensions to be high and the excitement to be ramped up due to the short timeframe between the games and the fallout from what happens in Quebec City and Boston and for the Four Nations Cup in November.

"This series is an incredible opportunity to showcase women's hockey in a best-on-best atmosphere and we're looking forward to bringing that to cities across our country," said Melody Davidson, Hockey Canada’s general manager of national women's team programs. "As we continue to look ahead to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, this series marks another critical step in our preparation and will certainly be a fantastic opportunity for fans to watch the top players in North America battle in advance of puck-drop in PyeongChang."

There is one thing I don't like about this game, and that's how True North Sports and Entertainment handles the ticketing. As usual, presale opportunities will be available to Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose ticket package-holders beginning this week while the general public has to wait until Thursday, October 5 to purchase tickets. While I get that True North wants its most loyal fans to have a shot at a big-ticket event like this first, how many of those ticket holders are fans of women's hockey? If there's any indication from rinks around the city, I'm going to say "not many" based upon turnout. However, if that's my only gripe, I guess I shouldn't complain all that much.

I'd say get your tickets early on this one, folks. The games between Canada and the US have always been entertaining, and I'm sure that emotions and effort will be sky-high in Winnipeg on December 5. Winnipeg has always shown some amazing support for the Canadian women's national team, and they're bringing their show back to the city to try and capture more of that support. If you want to watch the best hockey on the planet, get your tickets and get your butt in a seat on December 5 or on any of the other dates already announced!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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