Sunday, 24 September 2017

Canada's Oldest Fauxback

Were you aware that the WHL's Regina Pats are the oldest junior hockey team in Canada? Well, you will certainly be very aware this season. The Pats are celebrating their 100th Anniversary Season this year, and they'll do so in a special jersey that resembles the sweater worn by the original Pats in 1917-18! The image above shows the jerseys unveiled in 2015-16 and will be still be worn throughout the year, but the Pats will have their special alternate jersey to wear as seen below.

You know, those aren't so bad! There's usually a better-than-good chance I'll find something wrong with a fauxback jersey because teams seem to be unable to contain themselves when it comes to adding design elements. While there are a few additions on this jersey that weren't on the original sweater, the sanctity of holding true to the original sweater worn by the Pats is pretty much intact!

From their announcement, "The simple, classic styling, with its prominent colour band across the chest and arms, emblazoned with authentic Pats lettering, pays respect to the original uniform, first worn a century ago." They also add, "The traditional colour palette also harkens back to a century ago, when a hockey sweater really WAS a sweater. The four embroidered crowns, mirroring the crown on the Regina city flag, signify the four Memorial Cup titles won by the team in its century of existence and the new centennial season crest on the left shoulder brings the jersey design full-circle, demonstrating that Regina Pats pride is alive and still growing stronger in 2017."

Before we go further, some may be confused about why the Pats are called the "Pats". The franchise, when founded, was named the Regina Patricia Hockey Club. The team was named in honour of Princess Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and daughter of the Governor General who was the Duke of Connaught. As the team evolved, they were associated with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and the current team wears the "PPCLI" flash as a shoulder patch as seen in the lede photo.

Now that we've cleared up the name, let's carry on.

Marketing speak aside, the grainy image to the right shows the 1917-18 Regina Pats in full uniform, and the jerseys unveiled look pretty close to the original. There will be some give in the fauxback when it comes to design simply due to how jerseys are made today, but the important elements have been reproduced to make them look very similar. What I'd love to see is the jersey have the giant collar like the 1917 Pats wore. Maybe that could be the newest trend in hockey jerseys, replacing the tie-up collar? In any case, I'd say that the Pats did a pretty solid job in bringing their original sweater from a century ago back to life.

What say you, readers? Is this a good look for the Pats? They haven't announced when the jersey will be worn yet, but I assume they'll have that schedule up on their website shortly. Lemme know in the comments if this is a yay or nay jersey!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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