Sunday, 31 December 2017

The End Of The Year

We finally made it. 2017's last hours are upon us, and a lot happened this year. While many sites are doing a "best of" list or some other review of their years, HBIC is not doing that. I rolled over 3800 blog posts this week, and I really think that the decade that I've put in on this blog has seen me experience just about every emotion that one can exude. Officially, I won't finish Year Ten until mid-January, but tonight is all about reflection in terms of where this blog came from, where it sits currently, and where it's going. I'm not stopping the insanity, but I think it's time I evaluate where I am after a decade.

I've already switched my phone off for the night. I don't really want to be bothered by social media tonight. Instead, I'm going to enjoy a quiet night at home while I take in a couple of movies along side a bowl of popcorn and some of that exquisite Irish Cream whose recipe I posted a week-or-so ago.

People will question my choosing to stay in tonight, but New Year's Eve isn't my thing any longer so I'll leave it to the younger generations to fill that void. I just want to click through a few articles quietly and read some of the work I did over the years to figure out where this blog will go in the future. When I need a break, that reading will be broken up by a few Hollywood blockbusters.

In terms of hockey-related news, Canada won the Spengler Cup for the third consecutive year today with a 3-0 win over the Swiss national team, Winnipeg thumped Edmonton 4-0 as the Jets moved back into first-place in the Central Division, and Canada will play Switzerland in the quarterfinals at the World Junior Championship. Hockey!

If you do go out tonight and imbibe to celebrate the new year's arrival, please get yourself a driver and get home safe. Be safe, readers, and make sure you're looking out for one another so we can cheer our teams, boo other teams, laugh about some of the funny moments, and lament decisions made by general managers in 2018. You're all important parts of this blog, and I thank you for reading and dealing with my insanity in written form!

In saying that, let's make 2018 just as awesome as the last ten years!

Until next time, see you next year!

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