Friday, 8 December 2017

There's An Octopus In Your Yard

It was always a fun sight to see when Al the Octopus would descend from the ceiling in Detroit for a Red Wings game. Al was, of course, a play on the octopi that usually hit the ice in Detroit, a phenomenon seen often in the playoffs, due to the NHL's days of yore where winning eight games was the required number of victories needed to hoist the Stanley Cup. The tradition lived at Joe Louis Arena, but that arena, like eight-win Stanley Cup championships, are no more. Al didn't move to Little Caesars Arena, so what happened to Al the Octopus?

Well, it turns out he can live at your home. Or rink. Or some other larger area needing a monstrous octopus. Starting tomorrow, a huge number of old artifacts and pieces from Joe Louis Arena are going up for auction, and Al the Octopus is one of those items! Measuring ten-feet by ten-feet by eight-feet, Al does come separate into smaller pieces for easier transport, but you're most likely going to need a few moving trucks to haul Al away.

Among some of the other cooler items include the Red Wings-branded door header from the locker room, the press conference background (sponsored by Meijer), a stand where they sold programs, the "Red Hot Wings" vendor sign, and much more. Literally, anything that could have been saved was saved in this auction, so take a look through the nearly-1000 items that the auction is offering and see if you can grab something of note before December 16.

If you own a sports bar or are a die-hard Red Wings fan, this auction literally has something for everyone. From pictures that hung all over the rink of players past and present to signs that were on walls all over the rink to some of the bigger ticket items like Al the Octopus, there is nearly something for every fan's taste in this auction. I'm not that attached to the Red Wings, so don't expect me to drive up the bidding on any items, but if you've ever wanted to skate out below Al the Octopus on your backyard rink, today's your lucky day!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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