Monday, 9 April 2018

Survivors Ready?

With the final game between Boston and Florida played yesterday, the 2017-18 NHL season has come to a close. That means we know who will play whom in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and that also means we know who matches up with whom when it comes to the Survivor: NHL Playoffs contest!

As you can see above, your brackets and competitors have been decided. In what has to be the most incredible defeat of the odds, Tom has Pittsburgh for the third year in a row as both he and the Penguins look for a three-peat in the event! The chances, in case you were wondering, on getting the Penguins if the teams were in a static position in the standings was 0.02%. When you factor in that the Penguins could have finished anywhere between second-place in the Metropolitan Division and the second wild card position, the odds are dramatically smaller of landing on the Penguins three years in a row! That kind of luck is almost unfathomable, and maybe Tom should be buying lottery tickets at this time next year!

The prizes are being sorted and we'll announce the challenges where one can win a prize on Thursday on The Hockey Show on UMFM. I can tell you that we have t-shirts, books, and other items to give away along with the grand prize of an NHL jersey and a Lay's Prize Pack! With a couple of days prior to the playoffs starting, I'm already excited to see how this year's contest unfolds!

Tune in Thursday night as Beans and I will talk about the contest, the prizes, and the playoffs. To all the competitors, best of luck this year, and be ready to do your exit interview if and when we call!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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