Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Hockey Show - Survivor: NHL Playoffs

Ladies and gentlemen, for the fifth consecutive year, The Hockey Show on UMFM is proud to offer this exclusive contest to the first sixteen people who enter. The Survivor: NHL Playoffs pool is a Survivor-style pool where you select one of the contestants - in this case, an NHL team - from a random drawing board, and that's your team for the contest. You're only out when your team is out, so it follows the rules of Survivor to a tee! Want in? Wanna know how to play? Read on!


There are a few requirements that I need to cover first. These are REQUIREMENTS, so if you can't fulfill them, please don't ruin the fun for someone else.
  1. You must call into the show on Thursday night between 5:30pm and whenever we fill all the spots in the contest. I will be sticking around to ensure we have all 16 spots filled with contestants, so don't think that your opportunity to get in ends when the show ends.
  2. A phone number and an email address. If you're calling us, I'm pretty sure you have at least one of these already.
  3. A desire to watch your chosen team's progress in the NHL Playoffs.
  4. It's helpful to have a Twitter account so that we can tweet you info when needed. Also, we'll be using a specific hashtag of "#NHLSurvivor" so that you can follow tweets about this Survivor contest and respond if and/or when necessary.
So the top two items in that list are the absolute, must-have requirements that you must fulfill. That third one is also pretty important in that if you have no interest in watching hockey, you may suffer a little when it comes to the fun part of this contest. And if you don't want to call in, don't complain about the availability of this contest. If you're calling long-distance to reach us, spend the fifty cents for us to get your info. We'll call you back so you don't take any additional costs on your phone bill. Good? Good.

Now, if you're aware of the Survivor pools, you basically just pick a name out of a hat, and that person on Survivor is your person for the run of the show. If he or she is voted off the island, the game for you is over. We're going to something similar. Whomever calls in will need to select a number between one and sixteen. Those numbers will have a corresponding team assigned to them randomly. Whatever number you've chosen will select your team for the playoffs. Sounds easy, right?

For example, Beans calls in at 5:30pm. We put him on the air, and he chooses #7. The team associated with #7 is the San Jose Sharks. Beans is now cheering for the San Jose Sharks. I call in, and I chose #10. Team #10 is the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am now cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs... regretfully.

I'll post an image with the corresponding names on HBIC, and we'll let the games play out. If San Jose meets Toronto in the Stanley Cup Final, Beans and I will face-off in a Survivor-style match-up where one team will advance, and one team will be sent home/voted off the island. If San Jose beats Toronto in their series, my Survivor: NHL Playoffs is over.

Once a team is eliminated, we will call you back so that you may be ready to deliver your thoughts on your team's effort in the playoffs in a Survivor-style ending like the one below. Let me repeat this: WE ARE GOING TO CALL YOU ONCE YOU ARE ELIMINATED. Make sure you're around so we can call and get your team's exit interview done! Here's former MLB infielder Jeff Kent with your example.
There won't be any money for the winner, but there will be prizes. But please don't whine like Jeff Kent did. You can say "my team sucks" or whatever, but we're working on getting those people who are eliminated on the air to discuss their teams' issues that led to their demise. Of course, you may not even care about the NHL Playoffs, but we do expect you to be able to speak about your chosen team's problems, so please watch SportsCenter at least.

As stated above, there will be prizes. Not everyone, though, will get a prize. Like Survivor, we'll randomly award prizes based on specific events happening. We'll organize the winner's prize once we finish getting everything together, but here are some examples of past challenges: first team eliminated, first shutout earned, and first hat trick. Prizes will be awarded to the contestant who successfully "wins" challenges, so there's hope for everyone in this contest in terms of possibly getting a prize.

Sound good? If you have questions, please email me. If you have comments, leave them below. If you simply hate this idea or hate me, leave that info in the comments too. I'd like to address all concerns before we get this contest rolling on Thursday again. Thanks for reading, and here's hoping we hear from you on Thursday! I'll post all the contact info on Thursday so we can get this contest underway!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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