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More Musicians? You Got It!

It's a Wednesday, there's a pretty important Game Seven being played in the NHL between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning, there's an AHL Calder Cup semifinal game happening that features the Toronto Marlies and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, the Fort Wayne Komets and Colorado Eagles are battling in the ECHL's Kelly Cup Playoffs, and there were a pile of awards handed out in the KHL today plus they tossed out some news. All of that happened, but I'm back with another pile of images of musicians with hockey merchandise. Why? Because I found a trove of images that I feel I need to share. So let's do that now!

I had made the comment in the last article that Canadian twins Tegan and Sara hadn't been spotted in a hockey jersey despite being Canadian and despite Sara holding a Team Canada jersey. Well, I was wrong because the Calgary-based twin songstresses actually have Calgary Flames jerseys!

Tara Slone is back with another somewhat-obscure jersey as she visited Sarnia and donned the jersey of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League's Sarnia Legionnaires! The Legionnaires have been around since 1969, but only have used the name "Legionnaires" since 2008. From 1969-1995, they were the Sarnia Bees. From 1995-1999, they were the Sarnia Steeplejacks - a tradesman who scales large buildings, chimneys, and church steeples to make repairs and performance maintenance. From 1999-2001, they combined the names to become the Sarnia Steeplejack-Bees - seriously? - before becoming the Sarnia Blast from 2001-2008. The history of this team's names is something to behold!

Speaking of obscure, I'm going to doubt that anyone in North America has heard of Pelegeya, better known by her full name of Pelageya Sergeyevna Khanova, who sings "folk-songs from different nations in different languages, romances and compositions written by the members of her group, mostly in rock arrangements" as per Wikipedia. Apparently, she and Russian hockey player Ivan Telegin have been in a relationship for some time, and she was spotted wearing the Team Russia colours - that's her on the left - while supporting her husband!

Nickelback is from Alberta. Nickelback plays concerts in large cities. Nickelback got Calgary Flames jerseys!

In a photo that is from last year, I would have never guessed that actor Jared Leto and lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars would don anything hockey-related. However, I was wrong as Jared Leto donned a Nashville Predators t-shirt from the Stanley Cup Final at some point!

Gerald Earl Gillum, better known to rap and hip-hop fans as G-Eazy, was born in Oakland, California. Like most rappers and hip-hop artists, there seems to be some affinity for hockey jerseys as G-Eazy has sported a Wisconsin Badgers jersey and a Chicago Blackhawks jersey in separate concerts!

Clay Aiken at the 2011 NHL All-Star Game. 'Nuff said.

Someone I'd never expect to see in an NHL jersey during a hockey game: Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels Band! The devil may have gone down to Georgia, but the musician visited Nashville and got himself a jersey!

I wasn't aware that he was a big hockey fan, but drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is apparently a big New York Rangers fan! He actually plays goaltender in charity events!

For a number of Canadian artists who found themselves working in Las Vegas over the last few years, having the Jets meet the Golden Knights in this year's playoffs tested some musicians' loyalties. Bartley Kives found this out when he spoke to Brent Fitz, seen on the right, who is from Winnipeg but lives and works in Las Vegas. Fitz, for those who want some background, has worked with and/or played with Slash, Theory of a Deadman, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Gene Simmons, The Guess Who, Streetheart, Harlequin, and Econoline Crush.

Country musicians are frequent on these articles, so let's credit Brandon Lay with somewhat breaking tradition as he, standing on the left, donned a Chicago Blackhawks jersey while in the Windy City!

Vegas' musical fanbase is growing with each and every playoff win, and one of the groups who are now full-fledged Golden Knights fans are the Backstreet Boys.

I always like seeing musicians supporting their hometown teams. That's as close to being a true fan as one can get. Credit Ottawa-based country musician Angela Marie for supporting her Ottawa Senators in one of those rather hideous alternate jerseys.

If you had to pick one musician who is synonymous with Las Vegas, a resounding number of people would automatically name Wayne Newton as their choice. He has been called "Mr. Las Vegas", and has been performing in Vegas since 1958! It's only appropriate that Wayne Newton is officially in the Vegas Golden Knights fan club!

Vince Gill had the honour of being one of the celebrity coaches when the NHL All-Star Game visited Nashville!

Ron Burwash is a name that won't be familiar to many, but he actually played hockey before becoming a prominent musician who sang of M├ętis traditons and customs! There's an excellent article I hope you'll read that was written by Eric Westhaver in the Flin Flon Reminder about Ron Burwash. Why is that important? Here's a photo of Tom Gilmore, Bobby Clarke, and Ron Burwash with the Flin Flon Bombers!

It's kind of cool to see two musicians who share a love of hockey performing together, but I'm not quite certain how the arguments in this "superband" are settled with Jody Richardson sporting the colours of the Detroit Red Wings and Kim Stockwood wearing the Boston Bruins jersey! If you can see him in the background, that's Dave Bidini on guitar as well, and he's a huge Maple Leafs fan! They have half of the Original Six teams covered in this collection of Canadian music icons who came together to write a hockey song about a real-life hockey romance!

Kelsea Ballerini is a country music singer, and she was a featured performer at the NHL All-Star Game in Nashville!

Earl Pereira, formerly the bassist for Wide Mouth Mason and currently performing with The Steadies, donned the pads and an Oilers jersey to show his support of his favorite team! That baseball glove, while good for stopping road hockey balls, won't do anything if he's stopping pucks.

I'm not familiar with his solo music, but Canadian songwriter and country and rock musician Dallas Smith was once the lead singer for the band Default. He was born in Langley, BC so you'd think he'd be a little more of a Vancouver Canucks fan, but here he is sporting an Ottawa Senators jersey!

Yes, this is a terrible image, but I had to grab it off a screengrab from a cell phone video posted to social media, so it was already going to be bad. However, Shania Twain rolled through Winnipeg recently. Did she add a Jets jersey to her wardrobe? Somehow, she did not. The man pictured, though, is her guitarist Cory Churko, and he made the Winnipeg fans happy!

Let's do the Justin Bieber hockey jersey world tour as he was seen wearing the jerseys of the minor-hockey Stratford Warriors, the Toronto Arenas, the New Jersey Devils, the Manchester Storm, les Gothiques d'Amiens, Team Canada (how is he always with Gretzky?), the Army Black Knights, the Toronto St. Pats, and the home jersey of the Arizona Coyotes. I'm almost certain he has an entire walk-in closet just filled with hockey jerseys at this point.

If we can have an androgynous musician's world hockey jersey tour, we can certainly have one for a man who has what most would be considered a female name. Alice Cooper is a big hockey fan, and we can stamp that official with Alice appearing in a retro Coyotes jersey, an Edmonton Oilers jersey, a Detroit Red Wings jersey, a Nashville Predators jersey, a Manchester Storm jersey, a Phildelphia Flyers jersey, and a Reading Royals jersey! Alice Cooper moves up the "who has the most jerseys standings" in a big way on this article!

With the two articles just a week apart featuring all these musicians, I feel like I'm making up for lost time as I hadn't posted anything in the musicians-in-jerseys category in a long time. If you want to see the full collection of all the musicians who have been found wearing some sort of hockey jersey or something close to a jersey, please click here. If you have an image you want to submit, send it here! Credit will be given, but make sure you check the list first!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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