Tuesday, 24 January 2023

An Unusual Tuesday Night

If there's one thing I hate when listening to the radio, it's advertisements. Commercial breaks on the radio often go far too long, and they break up the radio show to which one is listening in a way that doesn't make for good radio. That's why we load the start and end of The Hockey Show with ads - when we get rolling in a conversation, the last thing we need to do is break the momentum by throwing to a commercial. I brought that same belief to the hockey broadcasts I was involved with in the past, and it will be part of the broadcasts done from Thursday to Sunday at the 2023 Female World Sport School Challenge.

I'm not oblivious, though, to the importance of advertising dollars when it comes to helping out events. The 2023 Female World Sport School Challenge has sponsors, and I know they do an incredible job at providing support, monies, and products to help the tournament be more than just a few games on rinks. There are gifts with which the players go home, food and supplies for teams and volunteers, and general support given that simply escalates this tournament as an elite event, so sponsors play a vital a role in this annual tournament.

Because I recognize the importance of the sponsors for the 2023 FWSSC, I spent the night searching for commercials for the sponsors who have stepped up to sponsor the tournament this year. Being that I dislike running commercials, this effort to find ads was a foreign activity to me, but we'll be playing these during the intermissions as well before and after games in order to give the sponsors enough time on the broadcasts so they feel their investments in the tournament was worth it. Basically, we're helping the FWSSC give its sponsors some free publicity.

I didn't watch much of the Jets and Predators because I was listening to commercials, but a 2-1 setback to the Predators feels like a bit of a let-down. Whatever was plaguing the team on the 2-3-0 road trip needs to get fixed quickly as the Buffalo Sabres visit Winnipeg on Thursday. Laying a beating on the Sabres at home would be a good way to forget the loss tonight.

We're two days from action at the 2023 Female World Sport School Challenge. It feels closer thanks to still having a number of things to do, but the action starts at 12pm CT on Thursday with the Lloydminster PMW Steelers squaring off against the Winnipeg Avros! You can catch all of the action - and ads! - on UMFM's Second Stream at that time as we cover the tournament from start to finish!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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