Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Help Wanted: Apply Within

I had written last week about the Ottawa Senators and their unveiling party. In there, I had said that I was looking for a correspondant to go to the Senators' party and take lots of photos and possibly write a piece that I would host on this blogsite while giving the author full credit for his or her work. Well, I still need an Ottawa correspondant, but now I'm also searching for a correspondant in Tampa Bay as they have their little unveiling party notice up on their website as well.

If you live near the Ottawa area or Tampa Bay area, please give me a shout if you can make it to one of those parties. The Ottawa party is on August 22, and the Tampa Bay party is on August 25. As I stated, full credit is given to the person who applies for the correspondant position. I'll list you under the Blog Correspondant area where I can feature your blog or profile or whatever website you like and/or endorse.

Thanks to Sage Confucius, who is officially the Music City Correspondant. The want ad is up: I need a Capital City Correspondant, and a Bay City Correspondant. Anyone that is interested, or if you know anyone who would be, get in contact with me. My email is to the right under my profile.

Thanks, and keep your sticks on the ice!

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Sage Confucius said...

I am off on the 22nd and would certainly go to Ottawa for you if I could. I would certainly enjoy getting out of this 100+ weather we're having here in Nashville. I feel as though I have somehow been moved to the Desert Southwest. Weird.

For anyone considering being a correspondent for a day or longer - it's a lot of fun. I was sick as a dog and still had a blast. And that was just from making fun of the Preds new uniforms!