Monday, 3 September 2007

16 To Go

Having seen 14 teams unveil their new Rbk Edge Hockey Uniforms, the next wave starts tomorrow as the last 16 teams show off their new jerseys so fans can dig into their wallets and fork over more cash to support their local teams. While some jerseys have been designed well (Boston, Ottawa), others have left a bad taste in the mouths of hockey fans (NY Islanders, Los Angeles). With the last 16 teams preparing for their unveilings, here are the known dates for which we, as hockey fans, have to be prepared.

Calgary Flames - September 4 (website movie teaser here)
Montreal Canadiens - September 4
Pittsburgh Penguins - September 5
Minnesota Wild - September 7 and 15
Toronto Maple Leafs - September 12
Atlanta Thrashers - September 13
Chicago Blackhawks - September 14
Dallas Stars - September 14
Phoenix Coyotes - September 15
St. Louis Blues - September 15
Carolina Hurricanes - September 16
Colorado Avalanche - September 16
Edmonton Oilers - September 16
Philadelphia Flyers - September 16
San Jose Sharks - September 17

Again, I am looking for correspondants. If anyone is going, please contact me, and I'll give you full credit for the work you do. Leave me a message in the comments.

I'll have a full recap of the first 14 jerseys tomorrow before Calgary and Montreal add to the list. I'll rank them how I saw them and give you insight as to why each team was ranked where they were.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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