Thursday, 13 September 2007

Gag Order On Buds' Photos

I've always known that the Toronto Maple Leafs were a little different. Their fans can be downright rabid, including the foaming at their mouths. They have an intense following where ever they go. Their battles with the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators make the rest of hockey look tame. However, it puzzles me why they have to be so different when it comes to their website, and, in particular, their new jerseys. Their website only offers the video of the unveiling, and they have yet to put up a picture gallery. What is going on in Leafs-Land that they can't get images of the new jerseys on their site?!?

In any case, I found this picture of the new Maple Leafs jerseys on their site... the only one to be found. I'll do my examination from a few pictures I got from Toronto newspapers, thanks to the Leafs seemingly putting a gag order on all photographers so that LeafsTV can capitalize. Aaron Lynett of The Toronto Star had this photo published. Veronica Henri of Sun Media had this photo published in The Toronto Sun.

Anyway, here's my take. The Leafs jerseys look good. The silver is gone, leaving only the famous blue-and-white. The logo they have worn for the last 22 years remains the same, and that's a good thing. The two elbow stripes look good, and the font appears to be the same as last season.

Drawbacks include the loss of hem striping and the cuff stripe. Why would Reebok or the Maple Leafs want a cuff stripe at the end of the sleeve? No one will even see it as a player's gloves cover that portion of the jersey. These drawbacks aren't huge or anything, but they are noticeable.

Overall, the Buds are in the Top 5 for their jerseys. The jerseys are elegant, simple, and classy in their design. The Original Six teams have gotten the new jerseys right, and all have been impressive so far. The Leafs could have done worse, if you know what I mean.

Today should also see the Atlanta Thrashers coming out with their new jerseys. If it follows the trend, they could be horrifically bad. We'll have to see.

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!


Ricky said...

the bruins are going to ruin toronto this year!

Edward said...

Heh.. you and I don't agree on anything when it comes to fashion I guess.

Toronto is a practice jersey, period.

Goddawful without hem-lines and shoulder logos. The home jersey with matching color color too? yikes.

Teebz said...

Art - Toronto's jersey may be plain, but it's no worse than the Rangers or Red Wings. In fact, it looks a lot like the jerseys worn by the Original Six teams in the 1950s. The TML logo was ridiculous as it was. I was never a fan of it, and never will be.

The hemline is necessary, but we didn't have a say in the jerseys. Considering some of the other crap that has been rolled out by some of the other teams, I'd say Toronto ended up pretty decently.

As for our contrasting fashion senses, that's why we're all fans, right? :o)

Edward said...

I've never liked the Rangers or Red Wings jerseys either ;)

Also, I never liked Toronto's, now I like it less.

Love the blog btw, keep up the good work.

dmon said...

Took in the Leafs/Bruins game on Saturday: the Leafs need to bring back the hemline - without it they look like they're wearing T-shirts.

Connie said...

When I saw the pink jerseys online, I wanted to vomit. Fuck that noise.

Sorry the comment wasn't more insightful...