Friday, 27 March 2009

Because Teebz Is A Dummy

I have an order in with Amazon right now for the book to the left. See, I was relying in technology instead of old-fashioned smarts. But, thanks to reader and regular commentor JTH, he pointed out that my skills in math are somewhat disappointing. In my chest-puffing over my 600th post on HBIC, I failed to notice that there was a draft sitting in the total. It was never published. JTH, being the keen-eyed individual that he is, happened to notice that 207 + 307 + 85 does not equal 600. It, in fact, equals 599. That draft that was sitting in the pile from four months ago was being counted by Blogger despite never being published. So that means today is #600. And I look like a dummy. Oh well. You're all used to that by now anyway, so it's not like worlds will come crashing down. Anyway, let's get to something I do know - hockey.

  • I have a special collaboration piece coming out tomorrow with Uni Watch Blog's Phil Hecken. It will simultaneously be posted here and there, so either blog is good place to check out. I'll be spending time there discussing the various parts of the piece, so come find me there if you want to yell, discuss, talk, call me a dummy, etc.
  • In a meeting of the first overall team and the last overall team in the NHL, you'd probably be wise to bet money on the top team simply due to their success. Except tonight. The New York Islanders shutout the Detroit Red Wings by a 2-0 score. Joey MacDonald, a former Wings prospect who appeared in eight games in 2006-07 for Detroit, stood tall to shut down the Big Red Machine. Wow.
  • In the NCAA Men's Frozen Four, the #13-ranked Air Force Academy Falcons shutout the #4-ranked Michigan Wolverines to advance to the next round. Andrew Volkening stood tall for Air Force, making 43 saves for the shutout. The Falcons only had 13 shots, but two of them found twine. Congratulations to the Falcons on their win!
  • Another NCAA Frozen Four game saw the #12-seeded University of Vermont Catamounts defeat the #5-ranked Yale University Bulldogs by a 4-1 score. Vermont advances to the Saturday Regional Final against the Air Force Falcons. The winner advances to Washington, DC for play in the Final Four! Congratulations to the Catamounts, and good luck to both teams!
  • The University of Miami (Ohio) RedHawks stunned the #2-ranked University of Denver Pioneers by a 4-2 score. That's three higher seeds to fall on the opening day. Unlike the NCAA's hardwood brethren, it appears that anyone can win the Frozen Four regardless of rank. Isn't this the entire reason that we love hockey?
  • The KHL's Gagarin Cup Playoffs have the finalists set. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl defeated Metallurg Magnitogorsk 4-1 in their series. After losing Game One to Metallurg by a 3-0 score, Lokomotiv rattled off four straight wins by scores of 6-1, 4-2, 4-0, and 2-0. Lokomotiv goaltender Giorgi Gelashvili was impressive in the four wins, and look to carry their momentum into the Final.
  • Lokomotiv will meet Ak Bars Kazan after they dispatched Dynamo Moscow 4-2 in their series. Dynamo won Games Two and Four, splitting the home games for each team. However, Games Five and Six both went to Kazan, wrapping the series up. The Gagarin Cup Final will start Thursday, April 2. HBIC will have continuing updates from the KHL Playoffs when the series starts!
  • I had asked a question a few days back on the Uni Watch site regarding this picture. The question I had is in regards to that facemask that both Adam Oates, the RPI player, and the defenceman are wearing. It looks like a cage from a hybrid goalie mask. Does anyone know who made those cages? I want to find out more info on those things. The only other info I have on RPI wearing them is that this photo was taken in 1985. I hope someone can steer me in the right direction.
  • I got an email from Nathan Fiala. Nathan works for the University of North Dakota, and offered to send me some photos, including some better images of the cages. Did anyone know that UND wore Cooperalls like the Flyers and Whalers did? Check out the early zamboni used by UND. In regards to the cage above that Oates was wearing, UND also wore them. As did Anchorage-Alaska. And Wisconsin did too. Here's a great look at the cage worn by offensive players. If anyone has any info, please email me. Nathan, I owe you a huge thanks, and a beer the next time I'm through North Dakota. Thanks, man!
  • Well done to Ray Emery. The guy has been back in Ontario for a week, and he gets his Hummer impounded and his license suspended for a week for traveling 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit and being caught by the Ontario Provincial Police. And he wonders why NHL teams won't call his agent?
  • Speaking of police intervention, check out this idiot from Dublin, Ohio. 52 year-old Peter Stenzel was threatening the Blue Jackets organization, specifically threatening to harm goaltender Steve Mason, via phone last night as the Jackets hammered the Flames 5-0. Stenzel was arrested while wearing a Flames t-shirt. Look, hockey needs its fans. They rely on you, the fan, for a lot of things - specifically your greenbacks. Like all sports, fans are welcome. Crazed, lunatic fanatics need not apply. And that's what Stenzel appears to be.
Ok, so that's all for me tonight. I have some other work to take care of, and I'm tired of staring at this screen. Check out both the Uni Watch Blog, and this blog tomorrow for a special article. I'm sure it will generate some discussion.

Until then, keep your sticks on the ice!

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