Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pictures And Chatter

Some people are really good photographers. They capture images that stir emotions and cause discussion. Other times, pictures capture weird and wonderful things that are different from the norm we are used to seeing. However, the fact that these photos are taken shows just how incredible the times are in which we live. Everything is found on the Internet now, and it's this sharing of media that allows us to appreciate how connected we are. I'm always amazed at some of the photos I come across when hunting for pictures related to a story, so it's time to clean up the old Photobucket account. Let's take a look at the collection of photos that I have amassed over the last few months.

  • I'm not too sure if the scoresheet will show this penalty called, but this has to be tripping. C'mon ref! Get your arm up! What game are you watching? That HAS to be a penalty!
  • You know what hockey game entertainment bit I absolutely hate? The "kiss cam". It's completely stupid mainly because there's a good chance that a cameraman will try to put someone on the spot. It's even worse when cameramen do it to players. Like the St. Louis Blues. Or the Minnesota Wild. Let's just be thankful it wasn't stopped on Jacques Lemaire.
  • The Yahoo! Puck Daddy blog features a segment called "Jersey Fouls", which is a look at all of the poorly-conceived ideas in jersey customization. I'm not stealing any of his thunder because Greg does a phenomenal job in digging up some ridiculous customization job, but this Tampa Bay Lightning jersey receives the Official Seal of Epic Fail. That's idiotic. And someone spent money on that!
  • Speaking of insulting, Rogers Sportsnet decided that the "race" for Tavares should be posted on their site. You know, because celebrating futility is something that should be done. But not only do they post the teams who are striving to finish last, they can't even get the logos correct for the teams listed. Adding insult to injury? Just a little.
  • Compliments of Sports Illustrated, we have a few new masks to check out. Stephen Valiquette has a new New York-themed mask, complete with Spiderman, Lady Liberty as a Rangers fan, and a few famous landmarks. Before he was traded, Mikael Tellqvist was wearing Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner on his mask, possibly as a reflection of playing in the desert in Phoenix. And even though Jason LaBarbera was traded to Vancouver, he's sticking with Metallica on his mask.
  • Speaking of Vancouver, I'm not sure if Roberto Luongo was stealing Curtis Sanford's equipment or what, but Sanford has his name sewn into his pads. I haven't seen too many other goaltenders wearing their names on their pads, but Sanford will probably never lose his equipment. Unless another Sanford steals it.
  • And speaking of masks, there have been a number of masks used by players to protect facial injuries throughout the years. However, this is the first time I've ever seen Lanny McDonald wearing a cage. It honestly looks like a primitive football mask. And those eye holes appear to be larger than the puck. Wouldn't that provide less protection?
  • You know, as much as I hate piling on the Atlanta Thrashers for being an all-around dreadfully-run franchise, this 10-year anniversary logo really is brutal. Basically, Atlanta has one of the worst teams this season, definitely has one of the worst alternate jerseys this season, and now they're trying to have the worst 10-year anniversary patch that I've ever seen. It's one thing to give up on this season, but why are they giving up on next season already?
  • As for the chatter part, let's take a look at some blogs. Elise over at 18,568 Reasons Why... needs a hand. She's going to be away from the blogosphere for a week or two, and would like someone to help her out in her examination of all things Minnesota Wild. If you would like to break into the blogging world or feel you can help her out, please see this entry for more details. Oh, and to add some salt to the wound? 44 games (41 regular season, and 3 pre-season) for regular season prices. I'd be hard-pressed to spend anything more than $15 per game if the Thrashers don't improve over the summer.
  • CapsChick sends out a heartfelt open letter to Penguins fans on A View From The Cheap Seats. Can you imagine if these two teams meet in the opening round of the 2008-09 Stanley Cup Playoffs? The fanbases for each team are already rabid, but this may spark war between the two cities.
  • Light The Lamp has an absolutely awesome post on the Florida Panthers' play-by-play man, Randy Moller. Moller has some absolutely ridiculous pop culture references after each goal, and it is hilarious! The best part? All of those references are quotes submitted by listeners! Moller goes through them and picks the best ones to use on the air. Solid find by LTL!
The old photo album is now a little cleaner, and I feel good about that. Another TBC entry coming up, and this book was chosen simply as a follow-up to the previous entry of '67. Anyway, that's coming up, and I'll have another look at the KHL Gagarin Cup Playoffs by this weekend.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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