Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sand Through The Hourglass

Time is ticking. Cell phones are ringing. Email is being sent and received. Offers are being pitched and heard. Yet there is no movement on the trade front yet. Several players are being held out of games tonight in the hopes that their respective teams can garner some sort of interest in them, but no one has pulled the trigger yet as we break into the final 24 hours of Trade Deadline 2009. 3pm tomorrow is the last chance for deals to be swung, although deals are okayed by the league after that as long as the paperwork is faxed in prior to the deadline.

In sticking with my mandate not to report rumour and innuendo, all I can say is that tires are being kicked. However, there are a couple of great places to get all the rumour and innuendo you can handle. I suggest checking some other website if you want to view steaming piles of you-know-what. Not to pile on the most inaccurate hockey "blogger" on the Internet, but this video is phenomenal.

Um... oops? Egg on someone's face?

Yeah, anyway, I'll cover all of the trades and moves that happen tomorrow. It will be a comprehensive "who left" and "who is new" post for every team. If you're looking to update your current version of EA Sports NHL '09, you'll get every player move right here.

Enjoy the hockey games tonight. Crosby is still out as the Penguins tangle with the Lightning in Tampa Bay, but the Penguins need points to continue to climb up the Eastern Conference. Lots of games, but I'm glued to TSN.

Until tomorrow, keep your sticks on the ice!

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