Friday, 29 May 2009

Need A Night Off

It's been a long week of hard work for me. You may have noticed that there have been a couple of mail-ins this week on my part, and I apologize. I know you all come here looking for more. Work has me literally running on empty. Combine that with a hectic social schedule and a busy sporting life, and you start running out of hours in the day. I'm tired right now, and the sun hasn't even gone down. Therefore, I am gearing up for Game One of the Stanley Cup Final by taking tonight off. Seems a little antithetical of me to do so, but I assure you that this is more for the future than it is for the present.

However, I'm not leaving you with nothing to check out. Instead, I'll post a couple more videos from the same guys who came up with the look at Zetterberg getting ready for his day in the morning. That was a pretty solid video, so I'm proud to bring Jakob's and Greg's newest productions.

Zetterberg Surfs The 'Net

Zetterberg Goes For A Job Interview

If the Jakob had a little more salt-and-pepper in his beard, he could almost pass for Scotty Niedermayer as well. In any case, Jakob and Greg are putting together some very solid, funny commercials.

Yes, they aren't professionally filmed or anything, but that's the beauty of Do-It-Yourself: it's for one's personal satisfaction more than for anyone else's satisfaction. However, when shared like this, we all benefit from two men's talented work.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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