Thursday, 28 May 2009

Poolie Update: Round Three

That image to the left? That is a swimming pool. Today's entry? Not about swimming pools. However, the HBIC Playoff Pool has some very interesting results, and some disappointing news. Of course, you know that there are prizes being offered up to a number of people in the pool, and it's not just based on standings. I will mix it up and award prizes based upon a number of criteria. There is at least one award going out to the ladies, so if you fall under the category of "fairer sex", you have pretty good odds of winning something. As for the gentlemen, lots of prizes available for you too. Don't go getting all depressed on me, ok? Ok.

Ok, let's take a look at Round Three's impressive poolies, and how the whole thing is shaking down as we embark on the Stanley Cup Round.

Detroit vs. Chicago: There were lots of three- and four-point totals piled up here as a lot of people picked the series to end in six or seven games. However, the star of this series was Connie Kim. Connie not only picked the correct team winning each game, but also picked up the additional five points for calling Detroit in five games for a total of ten points in this series. Well done, Connie!

Pittsburgh vs. Carolina: Nobody in the pool predicted a sweep by the Penguins or the Hurricanes, so there were no additional points handed out based upon the number of games played. However, Mark Kluczynski picked up five points for his predictions in this series. That, surprisingly, was the highest point total in this series. Congrats on calling three correct games, and Malkin as a goal-scorer, Mark!

Using her impressive ten points in the Detroit-Chicago series gave Connie a huge advantage in this round as she ended up with 13 points total. With that total, she is officially the highest point-getter in Round Three. As an honourable mention, Mike Jaworski was the only other entrant who broke the double-digit mark in this round. He finished Round Three with 11 points.

As you can see on the leaderboard to the right, Mike Jaworski has used that boost to take over the lead in the pool. Round One leader Justin St. Louis is still within striking distance, and Round Two leader James Huening is only a few points back. Luigi Perillo is lurking as well for that top spot, and can do some damage with a few good predictions. Of course, if you're not in the top four, not to worry! As shown by Connie, you can gain ten points in a hurry, so don't fret!

Predictions for the Stanley Cup Final will be accepted until 6PM CT on Saturday. Again, please send them to me with the subject line reading "Stanley Cup Picks", please.

For those who entered, but missed a round or two, I'm still accepting your picks. Again, prizes will not solely be awarded on standings. The beauty of this contest is that no one is eliminated until the Stanley Cup has been hoisted on the ice. If you entered and missed a round, get your picks in!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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