Friday, 12 June 2009

Bringing Home The Cup

You might remember the image to the left appearing on the right-hand side a few weeks ago. The Pepsi-Frito-Lay-Gatorade Bring Home The Cup Contest wrapped up about a week ago, and a hockey team in Canada got to bring home the Stanley Cup to their community for all to see. Of course, they had to deal with Mark Messier as well, and that might be a little intimidating. In all seriousness, though, there were ten finalists, and each had a pretty decent video about why they should bring the Stanley Cup home to their community.

In the end, however, the HRS Huskies from St-Lazare, Quebec earned the right to Bring Home The Cup to their community, and have a party hosted by Mark Messier. The Huskies' entry was sent in by head coach Gary MacDowell. The pre-novice Huskies - 12 boys aged six and seven years-old - partied with Messier and Lord Stanley's Cup on May 16, 2009 under rainy skies, but the inclement weather didn't stop the enthusiasm and Stanley Cup fever in these kids.

There were over 600 entries in the contest, and the best ten entries were put up for voting after the judges narrowed the selection. From there, it was up to Canada and the communities to vote on who deserved the honour of having the Stanley Cup come to them. From there, with the Huskies huddled in the MacDowell garage, TSN host James Duthie announced on TV that the Huskies had won the vote, and would be receiving a visit from hockey's biggest prize.

MacDowell's son, Evan, is a player on the Huskies' team, and the little guy already considers dad as a hero. Said Gary, "The memory of having won this competition and have been able to touch the one of the most prestigious sports trophies will be engraved in the memory of these boys forever."

These boys took part in a Stanley Cup parade through St-Lazare, played street hockey, partied with the Cup and Mr. Messier, and watched an NHL Playoff Game on their brand-new 52" television while snacking on Frito-Lay and Pepsi products. Congratulations to the HRS Huskies on winning this great contest! Here is Gary's video that propelled the Huskies to victory! Watch for #12 - that's Evan MacDowell!

When asked of how he felt about bringing the Stanley Cup to his house for the big party, six year-old Evan simply stated, "I don't know. I'm just happy."

Like a true professional, Evan doesn't let the highs of a victory get too high.

Congratulations again to the HRS Huskies for bringing home the Stanley Cup! We're a mere hour away from seeing the Stanley Cup awarded to another team, so I'm out of here! Good luck to both the Penguins and Red Wings! Also, good luck to the Manitoba Moose and Hershey Bears as they tangle in Game Six of the AHL Calder Cup Playoffs!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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