Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Preparing For A Role

Tonight will be a quiet night for me on the blogging front. I am scheduled for an interview with The Score television network as a part of their contest in association with Gillette. The Drafted contest is a contest for every aspiring sportscaster to have the opportunity for a one-year contract reporting on sports for The Score. While the odds are stacked against everyone that enters, someone from across Canada will win the contract and the right to enter everyone's homes with stories about sports. And, lo and behold, I am one of those vying for that contract.

Of course, there is a very good chance that I won't win. I have a face for radio, and that never works out well for television broadcasting. The Score does have a satellite radio channel, though, so maybe I do have a chance.

On a more serious side, the positives are numerous. I would be working in a sports environment daily. I'd have a chance to report on not only hockey, like I do here, but baseball, basketball, football, soccer, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. For a sports fanatic like me, this is exactly what I would want to be doing if I didn't already have a job.

Of course, I'd be excited to work at The Score. They have some phenomenal on-air talent - Tim Micallef, Sid Sexeiro, and Steve Kouleas but to name a few. These gentlemen always bring their best to the broadcasts, and they genuinely seem to have fun. It's an environment where I would love to work simply due to the fun everyone seems to have.

I realize that this dream is a long way from being reality, but the first step happens tonight when I go for an interview. I'm a little nervous, but who wouldn't be? As an amateur, non-credentialed member of the blogosphere, I think this would be the perfect opportunity to cross into the mainstream while still being myself on this blog. Heck, with The Score's blessing, I could even incorporate HBIC into their world if they wanted it.

All I know is that I need to embrace the opportunity given to me, and be thankful that they see some potential in my application. I realize that I'm as rough-around-the-edges and unpolished as they come, but, with time, I would strive to be a valuable teammate to the talent they already have. I'd do research, get coffee, be a "go-fer"... whatever they requested of me until I got my break. All I want is the opportunity.

And if, for whatever reason, I don't fit their requirements in terms of who they are searching for, so be it. I'll give it my all, do best, and be proud of the results. If that isn't good enough, you can always find me here, and I'll keep watching The Score.

All I want is the opportunity. And opportunity opened the door with the interview tonight.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

UPDATE: I will not be going to Toronto. The experience was a very good one, but, in the end, I was not selected.

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