Thursday, 11 June 2009

Too Busy For A Title

Ok, today wasn't truly a sick day. I was just busier than I expected, so I'm mailing it in. I would have closed up shop if it hadn't been for an email I received, but I managed to squeeze a little blogging in just to bring you what one person found on the Internet. It literally gives me goosebumps. As much as I watch this video over and over, it still has the same effect on me - a complete full-body tingle. Watching the play move backwards combined with the action shots is masterful. CBC should be nominated for some sort of short award with this music montage of hockey brilliance. The tune played in the background - Coldplay's The Scientist - is eerily chilling as well, but so perfect for the montage that CBC put together. When it comes to hockey broadcasting, does anyone do it better?

This is truly why Hockey Night In Canada is, in my honest opinion, the best broadcast of any sports broadcast on television today. Take a look at the opening montage to Game One of the Stanley Cup Final.

And with one game to go, let's go back to the CBC montage that opened this season's Stanley Cup Playoffs. Note the faces and greats in this piece. And note the joy and sorrow on the faces of the winners and losers respectively.

One team will join the winners in jubilation. One team will bury their chins in their chests as they suffer agonizing defeat. Will it be a repeat from last year?

We'll know in 24 hours.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Anonymous said...

That's great. I think I liked the second video better.

I love when they intercut older footage with the current stuff.