Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Seven Days Of Scary - Two

Today is the second last day of the Seven Days of Scary. It has been a good look at some frightening hits, some bone-chilling uniforms, and some downright bone-rattling fights. In regards to the Link Gaetz fight that was posted yesterday, did you know that "The Missing Link" was actually drafted 40th overall in the second round by the Minnesota North Stars? Their reasoning was that he would be Mike Modano's personal bodyguard much like Dave Semenko was with Wayne Gretzky. For all his talent on the ice, Link just did some stupid things off the ice, and this led to him playing only a handful of games in various leagues across North America. The last that HBIC heard, he was pushing 300 lbs. and no longer playing hockey. He was an absolute terror during his playing days, though. And with that, here is more Seven Days of Scary.


There's an area on the ice that are called the "trolley tracks". It's an area on or just inside the blueline where moving laterally can get you killed. Players caught in the "trolley tracks" usually end up with a splitting headache due to another player hammering them. David Booth of the Florida Panthers gets caught in the trolley tracks, and forgets to look both ways as he crosses the tracks. Philadelphia's Mike Richards is the train that catches him sleeping. And puts him into a deep sleep.


I'm all for teams designing jerseys for a one-time use in the efforts to help charities. Teams will normally auction off the jerseys after their selected game and donate the money to the efforts of that charity. It's a great way to raise money, but sometimes these teams need to step back and say "shouldn't we do more".

Case in point? The AHL's San Antonio Rampage honoured the Boy Scouts of America with a jersey on April 4, 2009. If it weren't for the writing in the circle around the logo, would you even know this is to benefit the Boy Scouts? It looks more like a beer league Quebec Nordiques-themed jersey. This is simply a horrid design.


A couple more heavyweights square off today. Anaheim's Stu Grimson - aptly nicknamed "The Grim Reaper" - squares off with Ryan Vandenbussche. It appears that Grimson gains the edge as Vandenbussche takes some abuse early in the fight. Check out the ice and the back of Grimson's jersey at the end of the fight, though. Someone could mistake this for a crime scene.

One more day, and the seven days of scary will be up! I'm still recovering from that lethal hit that Richards threw on Booth. Yikes!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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JeffB said...

I think the more horrid design is the one in the background. The Iowa Chops jersey has to rank as one of the least dignified things a professional hockey player has ever been asked to wear.