Friday, 23 October 2009

Seven Days Of Scary - Seven

With Halloween a short seven days away, HBIC is going to run the "Seven Days of Scary" which will highlight thunderous hits, scary uniforms, and bloody fights. Each day, this blog will feature one big hit via video, one promotional jersey not yet seen on this site, and one fight where someone springs a leak and leaves himself and/or others covered in hemoglobin. This is not a ranking system in any way in terms of what you see; rather, it is simply seven days of a collection of stuff that may make you shudder, laugh, or get queasy depending on what you like and don't like. Today, Friday, October 23 will be the start, and we'll run through next Friday, October 30. Here we go.


From just a few days ago, Willie Mitchell of the Vancouver Canucks absolutely destroys Jonathan Toews.


ECH Munich is a team that plays in the German Elite League (DEL). Germans, as you may know, love Oktoberfest. Heck, hockey fans can relate since beer and hockey go together like stick and puck. But what doesn't go together is Oktoberfest and hockey.

Here is ECH Munich in their Oktoberfest-inspired uniforms. Yes, the breezers are even made to look like lederhosen. Honestly, I appreciate the idea of celebrating a German tradition, but these uniforms are a little scary.


From earlier this month, Milan Lucic ends what Jay Harrison started. And ends it with some blood spatter.

There's your first examples, kids. We'll have another set of these tomorrow, and every day up to October 31.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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