Monday, 5 October 2009

Nothing Special

This is going to be short and sweet. I am extremely busy tonight and tomorrow night, so the next couple of days will be quieter than normal. There are a few things I want to touch on, so we'll take a look at a couple of headlines and stories. Otherwise, I'm not going to be around for many minutes over the next 48 hours. Teebz's Book Club will return tomorrow with another entry, and I want to see someone enter the "Firsts" Contest. I have yet to receive an entry, so, as of right now, one correct answer will win you a prize. Heck, just sending me an email will almost win you a prize. So get going!

  • One of my fantasy teams already has a player on the sidelines. Joe Pavelski of the San Jose Sharks underwent "minor surgery" to correct a lower-body injury today, and will be out one-to-two weeks. Pavelski is one of those "under the radar" guys where he'll chip in points quietly, and now he's gone for a couple of weeks. Which sucks.
  • Pepsi is still looking for your cheer. Honestly, to win a trip to Saskatoon to watch the World Junior Championships and to head to the IIHF World Championships simply for showing off your best patriotic cheer, well, it's awesome. Get your cheer registered, kids. You never know where your best cheer will take you!
  • Uni Watch's Paul Lukas linked this up, but here is Jonas Gustavsson's new paint job with the Maple Leafs this season. What made me laugh was the scared puck just over the mask on the right-hand side. Only time will tell if the pucks in the NHL are afraid of "The Monster" as much as that painted puck is. Good mask, though.
  • Dan Fritsche has signed on with the Syracuse Crunch in the AHL. The 24 year-old appeared in 50 games with the Minnesota Wild and New York Rangers last season, but he just can't seem to stick in the NHL. Fritsche did spend time in Syracuse while with the Blue Jackets organization, so he'll be returning to familiar territory. This is a good veteran signing by the Crunch.
  • The 2010 ECHL All-Star Game logo has been unveiled by the ECHL, and the game will take place this season in Ontario, California. The skills competition goes January 19, 2010, and the all-star game itself is the following night. The game is hosted by the Ontario Reign, and will take place at the 9644-seat Citizens Business Bank Arena.
  • I'm not surprised that Al Strachan jumped the gun on Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday night. Strachan reported on the Satellite Hotstove segment that there was a group of investors from Toronto who had started the process of buying the Atlanta Thrashers with the intention of moving them to Winnipeg. For the last time, stop bringing Winnipeg up as a destination for any NHL team that is on sale! Winnipeg is not an NHL city. Despite Mike Milbury's condescending attitude towards the coldest city on the prairies, Ron MacLean is correct: we have no corporate support for an NHL team. That's entirely why the Jets left in the first place. Stop bringing up Winnipeg, ok?
Ok, that's all for me tonight. Tomorrow will see another book club entry, and we'll go from there. Enter both contests, kids! You have a good shot at winning some free literature, as well as showing off your best cheer for a chance to travel the world!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


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Jim BC said...

Teebz - I'm a former Manitoban and was a huge Jets fan. Went to a few memorable games at the old barn including the very last game played by the Jets. I was obviously devastated when they moved to the desert. I haven't lived in Winnipeg for several years and have no idea whether they can or cannot support a team in today's NHL. It's interesting to see your comments - I'm wondering if you have ever checked out This Darren Ford dude seems certain that a return of the Jets is imminent.