Saturday, 12 February 2011

Hockey Day In Canada

I'm not sure where these two had this picture taken, but today is a very big day for Whitehorse, Yukon as CBC sets up shop there for the 2011 version of Hockey Day In Canada! Of course, the two men in that image are Ron MacLean and Don Cherry, Canada's Abbott and Costello from Hockey Night In Canada's "Coach's Corner". It's also a big day for some lucky kids as well as they made the trek from New Brunswick to Whitehorse to take part in Hockey Day In Canada!

First off, a big congratulations goes out once more to the Petitcodiac/Salisbury Bantam "A" Flyers from New Brunswick who won the right to be the featured team on Scotiabank's Hockey Day In Canada. The 17 players and their "entourage" of coaches and parents will be treated to a great week of hockey and fun as the city of Whitehorse welcomes them to town!

This is such a great contest, and I'm glad that Scotiabank is helping young kids save money while promoting sports in Canada. I am truly envious of the players on the Flyers, and I wish them nothing but the best on Hockey Day In Canada!

As for Whitehorse, this glimpse into life in a northern town should show the sparkle about which many already know. I, for one, have always wanted to visit this city, and CBC has given us a quick look through a video. Check it out.

Not bad, right? I'd like to visit there. Sure, it's a little cold, but where is it NOT cold in the winter in Canada?

There are three games on today, and all of them feature Canadian teams squaring off. The early game at 2PM ET has Ottawa visiting Edmonton in a battle of non-playoff teams. The second game at 7PM ET has Toronto visiting "la belle province" as the Maple Leafs battle against the Montreal Canadiens. The late game at 10PM ET features the surging Calgary Flames heading west to Vancouver to battle the division-leading Canucks.

The best part of this entire day is that you don't need to be a CBC viewer or a Canadian to get the full schedule of hockey today. NBC Sports' ProHockeyTalk has a full line-up of the day's activities for American viewers and how to view the action! How cool is that?

Get your hockey fix on today, kids. There's approximately ten hours of hockey goodness for you to bask in!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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