Monday, 21 February 2011

Two-A-Days On HBIC

If you've been reading along over the last few days, you've probably noticed that HBIC is now only a few days behind the current date. I've pledged to have this blog back up-to-date by the time my exams hit on Monday, and I'm steadily making progress in that regard. Because it's Monday, I've decided that I need a "clean-up" day where I let everyone know what's happening, what's been going on, and where I'm eventually going to find myself in the future if everything works out as I've planned. Call this a "road map to Teebz's life" if you like. This article will certainly let everyone know why I fell behind and why I'm working my tail off to get caught up.

First off, I want to say that I've been tardy with some mail that I was to send out. If your name is neither Jeff B. or James H., you're more than welcome to skip past this part. If your name is one of those options and I've contacted you about mailing you something, keep reading.

I'll start with James. James, I know you've been awaiting a package. I used the trace, and apparently the package went missing somewhere between Toronto and Chicago. Canada Post finally got me some cash for the insurance amount of the package, and I've finally put something together for you again. It went into the mail today, so you should have it by next week.

Jeff, I also mailed your package on Monday. I was waiting to see if I could get an another book for you in addition to the Beyond The Crease, but I could not. So you should be receiving Martin Brodeur's biography sometime next week as well.

I apologize to both of you for the tardiness in getting you these packages, but you'll see why I've been focused elsewhere.

I have been earning pretty decent marks thus far in school. I like the courses I'm taking, and I'm understanding the material quite well. This has taken some maintenance in that I need to stay on top of the course material to ensure that I understand things, but it's been going pretty well.

However, Java is a different cat. I understand the importance of Java in the real world, and I see the need for a portable programming language in today's world of desktop, laptop, and mobile phone operating systems. Having one language that works across all of them is nothing short of awesome in that a program written in Java can work on Windows PCs, Mac OS computers, Blackberry phones, iPhone, and Android phones.

The logic behind the language, though, is something that seems to escape me on occasion. I can't seem to grasp how the language is written despite me getting very good marks in the course. Therefore I'll be honest: you can find me simply by following the horseshoes in this course.

I've spent a large amount of time trying to learn this language and I'm confident when it comes to pieces of writing Java code, but I still don't feel confident enough to say that I can write a simple program with two or more arguments. Thus, I've been hitting the books as often as I can in this course. Combine that with the multiple assignments and group projects that have been assigned in the other courses, and things have been busy on the homework front.

Work and sleep have also played a role in my not posting as often. Work is eating up approximately 20 hours per week as I continue to serve my new employer loyally. I love my job and I really enjoy the work I do, so I want to maintain this position at my job while I wade through school. As for sleep, it's the X-factor right now in terms of how much I get per evening based upon school's and work's respective demands.

What this boils down to is that I may fall behind on here, but I certainly have not forgotten this blog, my readers, or anyone who has emailed me. I may not respond immediately, but know that I still hear you and will respond... eventually. Stick with me on this one, readers, because once I master this Java stuff, I could be looking at some very cool additions to this blog.

Thanks for your readership and patience, everyone. I really appreciate it in during this new adventure, and know that while you may stop by and see the same thing as the day before, I work in the background to bring you new and exciting stories and features.

Thank you, readers. And now I'm off to study as midterms approach next week.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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