Sunday, 24 July 2011

Don't Waste Your Time

The only reason I am writing about this today is because I took some time away from HBIC headquarters this weekend. I had a lovely time being disconnected from the world for a few days, and I needed the break from life in general. But I caught reports that the guy lounging above - Alexei Yashin - wants to follow in Jaromir Jagr's steps and find a home in the NHL this season.

Jagr can probably still play at a high level for the Philadelphia Flyers this season as a winger. He'll be expected to be a finisher for whoever centers his line. He may not have the legs and speed he once had, but he should see lots of opportunities on the powerplay, and really showed he can control the game in the offensive zone from behind the goal line in the World Hockey Championships. In short, Jagr still has the hands and vision, and should be a boost for a Flyers team that dealt away a vast majority of their offence this summer.

Yashin, on the other hand, was on a continual decline in the NHL since 1998-99's high of 98 points for the Ottawa Senators. In fact, if you overlook the 2009-10 season with SKA St. Petersburg where he scored 64 points, his point totals have declined steadily for the most part over the last decade. At best, Yashin would probably have to accept a contract with little money, and he would have to accept a Mike Modano-type Detroit role with whoever took a very large risk in signing him.

In short, Yashin's not worth the trouble or the effort to sign, so why bother? It's a known fact that Yashin would love to come back to the New York area since his wife, Carol Alt, is still working there, but I can't see him rejoining the Islanders for any reason. I don't think the Rangers, Devils, or Sabres would even consider talking to him at length about a return.

Don't waste your time, Yashin. Retire, move to New York, and be gone. While you shone in the spotlight for your moodiness and continual contract holdouts, the NHL doesn't need the drama.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Jim said...

Miko Modano never played for Detroit! He retired last summer! Get your facts straight! lol...if only