Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scotiabank And The NHLPA

I'm not going to lie when I say that the vast majority of hockey fans feel they can do a better interview than Pierre McGuire can based solely on the ridiculous questions he sometimes asks. That's why I'm very excited about a brand-new opportunity that hockey fans have thanks to the Scotiabank Hockey Club and the NHLPA through Facebook. Scotiabank Hockey Club is allowing you, hockey fans, to ask questions to members of the NHLPA so you can have your burning questions asked! It's now your chance to put yourself in McGuire's place and ask that tough question you've always wanted an answer to, but never had the chance!

The Scotiabank NHLPA mailbag looks like an awesome initiative for fans. All you need to do is log into your Facebook account, head over to the Scotiabank Hockey Club Facebook page, and check out the questions and answers already posted on their site. You can ask your question as well, and, if selected, your question will be answered!

There have been some very good questions asked already by hockey fans. Here are a few samples.

Joan Gunn asked: What's the most annoying thing fans do that bug you?

Colby Armstrong, Toronto Maple Leafs Forward answers: When the same people are looking for us to sign autographs day after day all season long.

Robin Holmes asked: NHL Goalies out there. My son is an 11 year old goalie who just got a new glove and is working on breaking it in this summer. he'd like to know how you break your new gloves in so they're ready for the new season!

Jonas Gustavsson, Toronto Maple Leafs Goaltender: I use them in practice for a week and then they are good to go.
While Gustavsson's answer would seemingly work better for an NHL goaltender than it would an 11 year-old netminder, it also allows Facebook readers to comment with their own techniques. This is what happened after Gustavsson's answer was posted, and it seems that Robin found an answer that worked better than putting her child in a local senior men's league.

In any case, what I'm going to do is offer up some 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Reebok t-shirts for anyone who asks a question on the Facebook page and posts their question here in the comments. If your question gets posted and answered on the Scotiabank NHLPA mailbag page, I'll automatically award you with a t-shirt for having your question asked to an NHLPA member. Whatever prizes are leftover will then be given out at random to everyone else who posts a question both at the Scotiabank NHLPA mailbag and here. Make sure you include your Facebook name on your question here so I can find you on the Scotiabank NHLPA mailbag! And make sure you "like" the Scotiabank Hockey Club to comment with your ideas on some of the questions!

All you need to do to qualify for this contest is get your best non-Pierre McGuire question up on the Scotiabank NHLPA mailbag and here, and you're entered! Not too hard, right? So get going, and win yourself a t-shirt compliments of the Scotiabank Hockey Club and HBIC!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Anonymous said...

make sure to "like" the page so you can comment on the note!

Mike Engle said...

I just asked the following question:
Dear NHL Player: Which NHL city has your favorite restaurant, or other off-ice attraction? And what is your favorite place in that city?

Teebz said...

Good call, "Anonymous"! I'll add that to the blog article right now!

@Mike - fabulous question! I'd love to read responses for that one!

Red Wings tickets said...

nice blog. would love to ask questions myself.