Friday, 15 July 2011

Where Ya Been, Teebz?

It looks like a busy for days for me, so, like The Beatles, I'm going to be here, there, and everywhere over the next few days. That, of course, means a lack of posts on HBIC as the places I am scheduled to be have little or no internet service. You may have already noticed this issue as Wednesday's and Thursday's posts were sitting in editing, but had yet to run. Wednesday's book review is actually still missing a picture, but I'll get around to getting that added in when I have more than five minutes in front of my monitor. Remember when I was talking about needing something in my life to change for the good? Well, I may have found that path towards happiness over the last week, and this is what is keeping me from posting here with regular attention.

I went for a job interview today with a highly reputable company in my mind. The interview went well, from as far as I can tell, as the young lady who was interviewing me seemed to be writing a lot of stuff down as I was talking. There was lots of good conversation, some laughs, and it seems that everything went very well. I'll know more by the end of next week at the latest, but this role could be the one job that I could love with all my being if it turns out as good as advertised.

I'll be under the sun all weekend long as I have signed on to coach a women's softball team in their Provincial Championship tournament. This is the same team I coached to a silver medal last season after starting the season with a woeful record, so we're hoping to recreate some of that magic. From the forecast for the weather, it appears I'll be needing sunscreen. Lots and lots of sunscreen. Both days have highs nearing 40°C (104°F) for both days - brutal for playing in, and even worse for standing in a coach's box in the searing heat.

My current job that I am planning an escape from also has me working all weekend long into next week. I get evening shifts from Friday through to Monday, so those will cut into my weekend time as well. Combine being in the sun all day on Saturday and Sunday with a couple of shifts dealing with angry customers, and my weekend suddenly doesn't look so positive. Oi vay!

Looking forward to next week, I have another interview with a second company that also looks very appealing. Tuesday afternoon will have me in a technical interview as the second interview with this company, and this is a company that deals with various big businesses across North America. There are many opportunities, it seems, with this second company as well, so here's hoping I have a bidding war by the end of next week for my services!

As for hockey news today, things are moving along nicely on the Jets front. According to reports, MTS Centre is being painted near the dressing room area, and the chosen colour is very dark blue that being used for the majority of the wall colour with white and an undesignated colour as accents. The "undesignated colour", as I'm calling it, is taped off and looks ready to be painted, but has not received a coat of paint yet. From the description, it appears that the Jets will be going back to blue as their primary home colour. If the "undesignated colour" turns out to be red, it appears the only thing different for the Jets will be the logo. More on this as it breaks, but it seems as though True North will indeed bring back the Jets colours if these newly-painted walls are any indication.

I'm off to bed to prepare myself for the blazing heat and the vast amount of unltraviolet rays I'll be bombarded with over the next few days. Stay cool, everyone!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Sage Confucius said...

Good luck with the job! Perhaps we'll both have good news this week.