Monday, 12 September 2011

Local Endorsement

He'll be wearing a different jersey while playing at MTS Centre this season, but Jason Jaffray is a guy that Winnipeggers know very well. His scoring prowess with the Moose was always talked about, and he legitimately speaks about the city and the fans glowingly. It was a pleasant surprise when I received word from a company that I profiled earlier this year that Winnipeg Jet Jason Jaffray was giving his thumbs-up to the company and its products. Gettting a professional athlete's endorsement is always a huge helper for any company, and Jaffray's endorsement of Integral Hockey makes me very happy for the company.

I am still very interested in Integral Hockey's work, and I will test one of their rebuilt composite sticks during my hockey games this winter. The fact that a bonafide NHL player is now endorsing their work only proves that what they do is very good. If Jaffray can reduce the number of sticks that explode in his hands midway down the shaft this season, there should be no doubt that the Integral Hockey repair process is golden.

Jaffray is quoted on the Integral Hockey website. He says,

"I had a chance to use a stick repaired by Integral Hockey Stick Repair. At first I was very skeptical about using a recycled stick. But after using it, I found it to be no different from my other sticks on my rack. It was just as strong as my other sticks and a week later, I found myself searching the shaft of my sticks to see which stick was the one that was repaired – because honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between the three. I definitely support Integral Hockey and would recommend them to anyone wanting to save some money and use a stick that still feels like new."
It also appears that Jaffray will be wearing #41 this season if the information on the Integral Hockey website is true:
Jaffray's endorsement is pretty indicative that the technology used by Integral Hockey works. If he couldn't tell which stick has been repaired, that's a good sign that not only is the stick repaired, but it should work as well as the new sticks.

Technology, particularly the "carbon fiber/e-glass, vacuum infused process", is doing a lot to help the player stay successful. Integral Hockey's work is keeping a chosen stick by a player in his hands. There is a short time where a new stick would have to be used during the repair process, but players, as superstitious as they can be, no longer have to discard a stick with which they have had success. That is a valuable selling point for Integral Hockey.

There are a number of repair locations popping up across the country, so make sure you check out where to ship your broken stick if you want it to be repaired. The cost is significantly lower than buying a new one-piece composite stick, so it might be in a player's (or parent's) best interest to look at repair instead of discarding the broken stick. And now that it is endorsed by an NHL player, there's some weight behind the claims made by the company.

Personally, my review will come this winter, so stay tuned for that. I'll be testing it through a game situation where, as a defenceman, I'll be hammering slapshots, stickchecking opponents, and blocking shots where I can. I'll stress the stick as much as I can to see if I can find any faults in the technology.

Thanks to Jason Jaffray's testimonial, I'm not sure there are any faults to find. Keep up the great work, Integral Hockey!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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