Saturday, 1 October 2011

Double Overtime

It's Double Overtime day here at HBIC! Stephen Cole's newest book hasn't been read by myself yet, but the marketing for the book starts today before it hits shelves at bookstores on October 25. Double Overtime is packed with all sorts of stories, facts, and photos about hockey, and you might be lucky enough to appear in the book! That's right: the next edition of Double Overtime could have you in it if you're willing to submit a hockey photo on the Double Overtime website! There's lots to see and do over on the Double Overtime website, including reading an excerpt of the book and joining the forum for discussion, so click on over and join the fun!

Just flipping through the excerpt of the book, it looks like a great book for pictures at the very least. However, some of the facts that can be read are pretty interesting in their own right. For example, a night watching the Leafs play with a parking spot, a hot dog, and a beer will set you back almost $150! Information like that is, for me, interesting and a little eyebrow-raising.

The Flickr forum is where you can upload photos and join in the discussion. Any photos you upload could be selected for the next Double Overtime book, so if you want to be somewhat famous, send a photo in! The discussion hasn't really started on the site yet, so get in there and voice your thoughts!

If you're on Facebook, you should be following HBIC. In any case, if you're on Facebook, why not win a copy of Double Overtime by liking them and entering the caption contest? The photo is actually pretty easy to write a caption for, so get your entries in on that to win a copy of Stephen Cole's book! How easy is that?

If you prefer the traditional route of paying for an item, you can always head over to the Simon & Schuster website and order yourself a copy, or even get yourself an electronic copy for your e-reader! Not a bad deal, but why not just enter the contest above and get yourself a free copy? It's so much easier... unless you don't win. In either case, I'm sure HBIC may have a few copies to give away in the future.

Overall, I just want to say that reading is very important to me, and I hope that the Teebz's Book Club entries that are featured here on HBIC are giving everyone a chance to expand their reading choices along with stocking the shelves of your own bookcases at home. Double Overtime looks like a great addition to any reader's collection, and you can pick up your copy on October 25!

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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