Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Get That Resume Updated

It's a tough life when you find yourself out of work after working in an industry for the majority of your life. When I left my previous job, I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do next, and I felt pigeon-holed into that industry because I had spent the better part of a decade working in that industry. For Sean Avery, he's now in the same boat as it was announced today that the forward would be waived by the New York Rangers, making him a non-NHL player for the first time in a long, long time.

While Sean Avery had himself a nice run as an intern at Vogue magazine a couple of years ago, it sounds as though his time as an NHL player is over after a number of teams have dismissed the pest from their teams. From what I'm guessing, New York probably won't send him to the Connecticut Whale in the AHL either because he'd occupy one of the coveted veteran spots.

While there has been some obvious friction between Avery and head coach John Tortorella, Avery was a serviceable forward for the Rangers when he wasn't the crossing the line between effective and defective. However, Tortorella made it abundantly clear where Avery stood on the roster after the veteran saw little action overseas.

"I think we have better players than Sean Avery — plain and simple," Rangers coach John Tortorella said to the Associated Press. "I can dodge it 10 different ways without trying to run Sean over. I thought he had a good camp.

"But I think with the makeup of our team, and some of the people we’ve added, and some of the youth we’ve added as far as depth put Sean in this spot."

If you want to paraphrase Mr. Tortorella, he's essentially saying that the Rangers have younger, better players in camp right now, and Sean wasn't going to make the cut. Sure, Tortorella could have listed a long list of things that could have contributed to Avery's predicament, but he stayed as classy as he could with dragging Sean Avery's reputation through the mud once again.

I'm not here to do that either. I do want to say that Avery was good for a soundbite once in a while, and his work on behalf of the LGBT community was blazing a path in an otherwise uber-macho sport. Where ever he lands, I'll doubt we've heard the last of the Sean Avery.

But for now, he has been silenced due to his missing the cut with the Rangers.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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