Thursday, 20 October 2011

Test Yourself

I occasionally wander by the Sporcle site just to test my hockey intellect, and I find that I know a lot. I don't ace every quiz, but I usually score in the 90% range for the majority of quizzes they feature on the game of hockey. Some of the quizzes, though, are ridiculously difficult, and I found myself struggling on a couple of them today. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I struggled because I passed the 70% barrier on both, but there were a few head scratches today.

Without futher explanation, here are the quizzes I thought might be entirely relevant for everyone to try today. I've broken them down into three categories: rookie, veteran, and superstar. Rookie will be the easier quizzes, veteran get a little harder, and superstar speaks for itself if you can ace these ones. Have it it, and feel free to post your scores if you like. I've posted mine.


Jersey numbers retired by two teams - six NHL players have had their numbers retired by two different teams. Name all six NHL legends. I went six-for-six.


European Stanley Cup winners - you get a pile of time on this one, and you'll need it. It's not too difficult if you can wrap your head around the rosters of each team, but there are a few tricky ones on there with players from the 1980s. I scored 82 of 98 players.

Dynamic Duos - name the top two scorers for each of the teams listed. I scored 144/186, and I totally missed a few names that should have been on my board. Kudos to anyone who can name the two New York Americans players. That's a tough one.

Most recent MVPs - name the men who are the respective teams' most recent MVP. I scored 19/21, and missed the Senators and the Tigers. Huge kudos to those who get the Maroons' MVP and the Tigers' MVP. Those are tough!


Ice hockey penalties - if you aspire to be a referee, see if you can name all 38. I actually named 34 in the time alotted. And then I was unhappy with myself for missing the four that I did.

NHL countries - name the country represented by the NHL player listed. This one is tough due to the vast number of players listed, but there is a mistake on it. "Tanzania" is the correct answer for one of the players, but the author of the quiz listed the answer as "Tanzia". The other 40 countries are up to you. I scored 40/41 with an asterisk.

Buffalo Sabres by jersey number - think you know the Sabres? I know I don't after taking this quiz. I scored 53 out of 72, and there were a lot of players I should have known but had forgotten about. Good luck on this one if you only know a handful of Sabres.

1999 NHL Entry Draft first-round picks - do you know your history? Do you remember who went first overall? I scored 15 out of 28. Where are half of these guys today?

Give yourself a pat on the back if you complete all eight quizzes. It's a big effort on some of those, so as long as you put in the work, you get an "A" for effort from HBIC. If you like, post your scores in the comments. Please do not post answers! If there are any additional errors, please email me, and I'll address that.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!


Robert Ullman said...

Thanks a lot, Teebz...there goes my morning.

Teebz said...

You're welcome, Rob! ;o)