Thursday, 22 December 2011

Havlat's Two-Month Stumble

There's snake-bitten, and then there's Martin Havlat. Havlat is undoubtedly a top-flight player when he's healthy, and it's part of the reason that the San Jose Sharks took a chance on him when they acquired him from the Minnesota Wild for Dany Heatley. He can score, he can skate, and he has all the talent in the world. But there's a big asterisk that comes along with Havlat - he's often injured. Today is just another chapter in Grey's Anatomy: Martin Havlat edition as the sniper is out for another extended period of time after suffering a freak injury.

How did this new chapter in the textbook of injuries to Martin Havlat occur? Let's check the video because this one is hard to believe.

Did you catch that stumble? That, readers, was the injury. I'm not joking in any way, shape, or form.

Havlat's stumble caused a partial tear in a tendon in his hamstring, and that will sideline the sniper for up to eight weeks. Havlat has played in just 26 games this season with the Sharks, recording just two goals and 13 assists. Benn Ferriero has been recalled from Worcester to take Havlat's spot on the roster.

Add to the list of groin, shoulder, and elbow injuries another freak accident for Martin Havlat. He should be able to return for the stretch run towards the playoffs, but anything can happen with Martin Havlat. And it seems it already does.

Until next time, keep your sticks on the ice!

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Anonymous said...

Most of his injuries have been shoulder related, haven't they? Is it conditioning or just bad luck? Probably one of those guys that physically shouldn't be playing hockey, but has such skills that I'm glad he does, too bad.